6 Best Routers for Satellite Internet (2023 Expert Review)

In most countries, satellite internet usage has been decreasing with an increase in cable internet and mobile phone internet. This, however, does not capture areas in the world where cabling has not been done. For this reason, if it is the only source of internet for you, what is the best router for satellite internet?

Satellite internet may be the only viable option for rural settings. However, is it good for gaming, streaming, or other intense online activities?

We all know that you can’t compare the speed and latency of satellite internet with cable or fiber internet. This is because of the pathway followed for its transmission!

The satellite sends signals that are received by your dish for distribution in your home. The dish then is connected to the best modem for dish network internet and a router that will provide internet to your home or office devices.

Distribution of network through satellite signal works best if you have the best router. Ease of installation and powerful signal strength are basic properties the best router for satellite internet should have.

While at the market, you look for a satellite internet router to give you consistent service at an affordable price. We have researched for you and compiled the best routers from the known brands that will offer you an outstanding service. Have a look below.

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Best router for satellite internet

RouterSpecificationsFeaturesCheck it out
Netgear Nighthawk 4 stream AX4 Wi-Fi 6 Router (RAX40)Best router for satellite internetDual-band,
Speed: Up to 3 Gbps,
Range: Up to 1,500 Sq. Ft,
Devices: Mulitple,
Wi-Fi 6 Technology
Netgear Nighthawk X6S Smart Wi-Fi router AC4000 (R8000P)Best router for satellite internet for connecting several devicesTri-band,
Speed: Up to 4000 Mbps,
Range: Up to 3500 Sq. Ft,
Devices: 55,
WPA2 wireless security protocols
Gryphon advance security and parental control mesh Wi-Fi router AC3000Best mesh router for satellite internetSpeed: Up to 3000Mbps
Bands: Tri-band
Devices: Multiple
Range: 3,000 sq. ft.
Special: Advanced parental controls
TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi router (Archer A9)Best budget router for satellite internetSpeed: Up to 1,900Mbps,
Bands: Dual-band,
Devices: Over 30,
Range: Up to 2,000 sq ft,
Special: WPA3 and a VPN Server
Tenda AC23 Smart Wi-Fi router (AC2100)Best router for satellite internet for modest homesDual-band,
Speed: Up to 2033 Mbps,
Range: Up to 1400 sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 35,
4X4 MU-MIMO Technology
Wavlink AC1200 Smart wifi routerBest satellite internet router for ease in connectionDual-band,
Speed: Up to 1200Mbps,
Range: Up to 1,500 sq. ft,
Devices: Multiple

How to connect the router to satellite internet

To connect your router to satellite internet, first, unpack it and then place next to the satellite modem.

Plugin both devices with an Ethernet cable from each by following these steps: take one end of the Ethernet cord and plug into either Local Area Network port on a device called “modem” or what’s commonly known as the Internet; similarly use the other end for connecting via WAN connection at another location such as the home office.

Making the best of your satellite internet

There are a few tips on how to reduce latency on satellite internet. The main ways include:

  • Double-check if there is no DSL, cable, or fiber internet connection. This is because these are faster.
  • You can check which ISP between Hughesnet and Viasat offers the best internet
  • Ensure that you optimize the router location
  • Using an ethernet cable to connect your devices instead of WiFi
  • Getting a better router. Where possible you can get your own mesh WiFi system
  • Using a WiFi extender to ensure all devices are covered

The tips are as shown in the video below:

Best Routers for Satellite Internet

Netgear Nighthawk 4 stream AX4 Wi-Fi 6 Router (RAX40)

Netgear Nighthawk 4 stream AX4 Wi-Fi 6 Router (RAX40): Best router for satellite internet

Enjoy speeds of up to 3 Gbps with the Netgear AX3000 router. While testing it, I enjoyed the elegance of the router and the design and was in love with this model. The router has Wi-Fi 6, which is the latest technology, which ensured I had many devices connected, and the network is more stable.

I could get the perfect compatibility to the satellite internet ISP’s modem with the Netgear router. You can therefore replace your router without having to replace your existing modem. No worries about the provider’s kind as it does with DSL, satellite, fiber, and many more.

Moreover, the router could support simultaneous streaming for all your devices with the MU-MIMO technology. The MU-MIMO technology allowed us during testing to use our game consoles, streaming devices, and downloads effectively and at a faster rate. Thus, we could connect all our Wi-Fi devices and have each working at high speeds without latency.

Moreover, the dish network router has Ethernet ports and USB ports that allow you to share content and store it in the cloud. It has only one 3.0 USB port that has high speeds. Just by looking at it, you can notice the four 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports which made it excellent for our devices to enjoy high-speed rates.

Furthermore, the rural internet router had a simple setup process using the Nighthawk app. Thus, we could test our internet, manage our devices, and have a network test for data usage effectively. The app works best with android and IoS devices.

Finally, the router is designed for performance and loaded with performance technologies. Therefore, we had satisfaction due to the role of the dual-core processor, 1024 QAM, OFDMA, and beamforming technologies work. Featuring is also a firewall, VPN, DoS, and guest Wi-Fi, which are simple to set up.


  • Has advanced performance technologies
  • Nighthawk app that allows easy setup process
  • Has wireless and wired ports
  • Lovely design with two antennas


  • Has only one USB port

Netgear Nighthawk X6S Smart Wi-Fi router AC4000 (R8000P)

Netgear Nighthawk R8000 X6 Router: Best for security features

When looking for the best router for satellite internet, this device comes to mind. The X6S model from the widely known Netgear router brand in a lovely design and a fantastic shape. During testing, I loved the design of the antennas which offered exceptional coverage.

Features and specifications

In our home, we appreciated the wide coverage for the whole house at a fast speed using the WiFi in a broader range of 3500 square feet with a combined speed of 750+1625+1625 Mbps for the triband router. Within the range, we could connect up to 55 devices, with each having a stable connection and excellent response.

The satellite internet router allowed us to play games, enjoy surfing, and share content at high speeds. We could connect all our smart home devices using Ethernet ports, USB ports, or wireless technologies.

Moreover, the 4×1 gigabit ports made our gaming devices, printers, and many more have a stable high-speed connection.

Various technologies loaded in the router make the performance excellent. We could connect many devices without a lag also due to the 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, and a smart connect that worked on the performance of each device with regards to speed and stability.

The beamforming technology, MU-MIMO technology, and the six amplified antennas will ensure simultaneous streaming between devices, more comprehensive coverage, and traffic direction to your devices. Amazon Alexa also ensured that I could easily use voice controls to manage the router.

I had an easy time accessing and sharing content between the cloud storage and our devices using the USB ports. We could use 1×2.0 and 1×3.0 USB ports to have our content managed within the network.

Finally, the dish network-compatible router is very safe from online threats. It has support for WPA2 wireless security protocols. I could easily set my Guest Wi-Fi, parental controls, and manage the operations of the router.

Instructions to Use

For Netgear Nighthawk X4S, It is easy to set up the dish network router using the user interface on the website or using the Nighthawk app. I tried both methods which were effective and easy to use. However, the website offers more features to configure and control the router.

How to Use Netgear Nighthawk X4S through the Website
  • For a start, you need to power your router and modem by plugging them into a power source.
  • Then, like in all the other routers, connect the router to the modem using an ethernet cable.
  • Once the two are connected as indicated by the indicator lights on the router, you need to search for the web browser on a computer or laptop.
  • After you connect to the browser, use the login details printed at the back of the router to access the user interface.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to get access to the home screen. When that happens it shows that you have been successful in creating your Wi-Fi network.
  • You can connect your devices to the router now and also you can configure the settings of your router.
How to Use Netgear Nighthawk X4S through an App
  • As with the browser method above, power your router and modem by plugging them into a power outlet.
  • After this, connect the router and modem together using an Ethernet cable
  • On a smartphone or tablet, download the Nightgear app from Google or Apple app store
  • You can thus connect to your router using the app by using the login details at the back of your router.
  • Once that is done and you can successfully access the app then you have created your WI-Fi network.
  • You can proceed to connect the devices or make further configurations to the router settings.


  • Excellent range coverage
  • Signal stability
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Excellent security of the router
  • Various performance technologies


  • The device is huge

Gryphon advance security and parental control mesh Wi-Fi router AC3000

Gryphon AC3000 Mesh Wi-Fi: The best router with parental control

When searching for the best routers, security is one of the things that everyone looks for. From our testing lab, we can testify that Gryphon is a highly secure router that works perfectly with satellite internet with excellent safety when used.

Parental controls and security

The router boasts of a simple setup process with management using the Gryphon app. You will enjoy simplicity when it comes to controlling the router because all the protocols are straightforward.

I could easily set up the guest Wi-Fi and parental controls when using the app and thus found the router ranking highly on the parental control routers list.

Gryphon’s AC3000 can pause managed devices internet plus Bedtime parental controls (allows parents to shut down access at a specific time) and Homework Time (gives them an opportunity for online learning).

From our tests, we checked how to manage the parental controls. If your child finishes the assigned homework he can use the GryphonCare website to request normal access. The website sends a notification to the caregiver. Then you can use the managed devices eButton to allow you to go back in forth between managing devices on-demand or through scheduling options for days/nights when they don’t need their electronics turned off completely!

Moreover, the router comes with exceptional security. The router regularly ensured all our devices are scanned and in the best state. All the threats to the internet get entirely blocked hence safety for users and devices.

Moreover, the router has the ESET technology that helps in making the satellite internet router more safe. It has a protection subscription that gets renewed annually. Intrusion detection and removal of vulnerabilities are perfect with the router.

Other performance technologies

I was satisfied with the performance of the dish network router. The router had all the current technologies and thus I appreciated the role of beamforming technology, MU-MIMO technology, and the antennas to ensure I could get the best from the router.

Moreover, all my devices got connected due to the network’s monster coverage with an extension of up to 3000 square feet covering wall to wall. The mesh technology enabled us to have additional units covered by the network. Extending the network to other places is also very easy.

Furthermore, the router is also highly compatible with Wi-Fi technologies and devices. Therefore, I could connect all our Wi-Fi devices using the 802.11ac/b/n/g technologies without a hassle.

The satellite (Exede, Starlink, Viasat, Hughesnet) router uses both Ethernet and wireless connections.

What makes the Gryphon AC3000 Tower mesh system stand out for Satellite internet?

Gryphon AC3000 Tower Mesh WiFi offered solid performance for our satellite internet. Moreover, it offers extensive parental controls and comes with built-in anti-malware protection, and antivirus subscription powered by ESET. It was simple to install & easily managed using their intuitive mobile app. They are also beautiful making them ideal for placing out in the open rather than hidden in the closet or in a shelf.

The Gryphon 3000’s sleek design makes it easy on your eyes while still providing you with all of these great features! Moreover, the mesh router features three Gigabit LAN ports, a WAN port, a power jack, and a reset button on the back of each identical device.

The mesh system is powered by a Qualcomm 4019 chipset having a quad-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of flash memory.

The Gryphon AC3000 Mesh WiFi Tower shone as regards performance technology! It had the latest in networking technology with its 4×4 MU-MIMO, beamforming, and automatic band steering to guarantee optimal performance. The MU-MIMO supported a connection to multiple devices simultaneously while Beamforming enabled each device to get the best signal.

Comparison with other satellite internet routers

The router offered some of the best parental control features for a satellite internet router. As compared to mesh systems, we could only compare it to TP-Link Deco M9 on the parental controls features, applicability, and reliability. The TP-Link also offers the ability to serve as a home automation hub. This means you can use it to control numerous smart home devices.

The Gryphon AC3000 Tower Mesh WiFi system is designed to be intuitive and quick. The mobile Gryphi App for iOS or Android users expands internet access for devices without needing a web console. This is because the company believes a web console creates vulnerabilities in its security features.

Gryphon believes that hackers can easily take advantage of web console interfaces if they’re not properly protected against outside attacks or interference from other sources such as malware on your computer’s hard drive that might want control over what goes out via wireless signal transmission (a big no-no).


  • Gryphon AC3000 has a whole home coverage
  • It gives you good internet speeds supported by a powerful CPU
  • This router is easy to set up and manage using the smartphone app
  • It offers excellent parental controls
  • Excellent security
  • Can connect multiple devices due to MU-MIMO
  • It is a Tri-band router
  • The router is compatible with all ISPs and devices
  • The App dashboard has a button to control managed devices (Pause the internet)
  • Uncompromised connection over a more comprehensive range


  • For advanced security features, you require to subscribe
  • It does not provide advanced configuration settings


Gryphon AC3000 Tower Mesh WiFi router is an excellent satellite internet router that offers extensive parental controls and comes with built-in anti-malware protection & antivirus subscription powered by ESET.

It was simple to install, we could use their intuitive mobile app for managing your home network or connect directly through remote access from any internet-connected device like smartphones! With all this great functionality in one tower unit, you’ll wonder why other satellite internet routers cost more with less functionality.

TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi router (Archer A9)

TP-Link AC1900 Router (Archer A9): The best router for satellite internet

Enjoy fast and reliable internet from TP-Link Archer A9 with dual-band and gigabit connections. We found it to be amazing since the router has smart connect and beamforming technology that ensures the antenna’s signal is stable on an extended range.

Features and specifications

The satellite WiFi router comes with technologies such as the MU-MIMO that ensured that all our devices enjoyed simultaneous streaming. I could also get super speeds from the dual-band that made all our devices connect to a reliable band.

The combined speeds of the Dish WiFi router are 1900 Mbps, which is good at ensuring you surf efficiently. The 2.4 GHz band has a rate of 600 Mbps, and the 5 GHz band has a speed of 1300 Mbps, which makes gaming and other activities get done without latency.

I could enjoy a boosted coverage and efficient wireless connection because of the Beamforming technology and the three powerful antennas that ensured I got more comprehensive coverage with stability to all our devices while I do my internet stuff.

Moreover, the router comes with significant security features that ensured all devices and users do not get exposed to online threats. We thus had access to features such as smart parental controls, WPA3, guest network, and the VPN server.

Instructions to Use

Do you hate complicated setup processes? It is not with this router because it uses a Tether app to set up the router to your preferences. We could enjoy further using amazon Alexa to command the router’s functional tools.

The following are the steps to follow to use the router:

  • Connect the router to a power source
  • Using Ethernet cables, connect the router to the satellite modem.
  • After the router is powered up and connected to the modem, kindly visit the web browser. You will be required to login into your TP-Link account using the login details provided at the bottom of the router.
  • Once logged in, click on the location and then identify and select the wireless network available.
  • Check if the location network settings are Ok.
  • Select finish to create your Wi-Fi network.


  • Easy to set up and manage using the tether app and Amazon Alexa
  • Smart connect for the direction of your devices
  • Has excellent and useful security features
  • It is cheap and convenient
  • Covers a broader range with perfect maintenance of the speeds


  • May get obstruction from environmental features

Tenda AC23 Smart Wi-Fi router (AC2100)

Tenda AC23 WiFi router (AC2100): Best budget router for satellite internet

If you want Wi-Fi coverage of up to 2033 Mbps, get the Tenda AC23 smart Wi-Fi router. The router comes in a beautiful design with all-around antennas that boost the wireless range of the router. We could have access to a broader range of coverage from our devices.

More about the router is that it has the 802.11 ac wave two technology that ensures we had faster performance when using the internet. One fantastic thing with the router is that we had better performance when using a satellite connection.

We could get better performance with connection to devices between 25 and 35 devices. It will therefore support streaming devices performing at their best when their limit gets observed.

The router has technologies that will help the rural internet WiFi router maintain the stability and strength of the network. I got amazed by the MU-MIMO technology’s role that powers the router for simultaneous streaming for such a budget router.

Also, featuring also is a built-in amplifier that enhances penetration of the network signal to your devices over a broader range. The 7×6 bidirectional antennas ensure a wider signal throw.

Finally, the setup process was simply by the use of the Tenda Wi-Fi app. The router app made it easy to control the router’s functionality effectively.


  • Excellent range coverage with 7 antennas
  • Has Tenda app for easy setup and management
  • Has an in-built signal amplifier
  • Excellent performance


  • Somehow unreliable after some time
  • Customer support is wanting

Wavlink AC1200 Smart wifi router

Wavlink AC1200 Smart wifi router: Best router for satellite internet that is easy to set up

Enjoy an experience of excellent speeds from a router designed with attractive features and looks. The Wavlink AC1200 is a long-range router with a dual-band ideal for the connection of high-performing devices.

The satellite internet compatible router boasts incredible speeds of up to 2100 Mbps, a combination of 1733 Mbps and 300 Mbps from the 5GHz and 2.4GHz, respectively. We could all enjoy streaming, surfing, or playing our favorite games.

Moreover, the router complies with the 802.11ac wave technology that comes with various features. We took notice of the service by the MU-MIMO technology that allows simultaneous streaming. Imagine having a total of 64 devices connected at a time, with each enjoying the same speeds.

We could get a relatively superior Wi-Fi and superior range from the router with omnidirectional antennas that ensures there is Wi-Fi in the whole of our compound. Featuring on the router is the turbo technology that ensures network optimization is effective with a single press.

The dish internet compatible router can have its signals less interfered with hence a reliable connection and improved coverage. We could video chat, stream HD content, and use our gaming devices simultaneously, with each having a better Wi-Fi connection.

The gigabit ports gave us fast wired connections with the existing five ports. The LAN and WAN ports make the connection of the router more quickly by ten times. 3.0 USB ports allowed us to have a faster and more reliable connection with a speed of ten times the 2.0 ports.

We could also use remote management anywhere, anytime, using the smart app. The router could enable parental controls or block unwanted websites using the app which gave us a comfortable and straightforward implementation.


  • Straightforward and simplified controls
  • Lovely design
  • Extra-fast Wi-Fi connection
  • Turbo technology for superior connection
  • Excellent speeds


  • The dual-band router does not give support to many devices

Choosing the best router for satellite internet

Various factors get considered when choosing the best routers for satellite internet. Among them include the budget of the buyer.

However, there are more fundamental things that will need your attention for a better rural internet router choice. They are highlighted below.


The best router for satellite internet should be compatible with the best modem for dish network internet and other devices.

It should be easy to extend the internet and work with the modems connected to the satellite.

All the routers reviewed in this article are compatible with satellite connections. These routers will give you an excellent performance depending on the speed of the internet you are getting from the satellite.

Security and privacy

We all want to feel secure and have some privacy when online. This is especially very important if you are living in a remote area where homes are few. Other services in the areas are also not easily accessible.

Thus, as you pick a router for your satellite connection, make security features a thing to check.

The routers reviewed in this article will give you and your users safety, security, and privacy when online.

Qos and router control app

Quality of service is important in satellite internet connections because the internet may not be fast enough. In addition, high-speed satellite internet will come at a premium.

QoS and an excellent router control app will enable you to prioritize internet to the devices that need the most bandwidth at a specific time.

For example, as you do video conferencing when located at a remote place, you do not want interruptions because a member of your family is watching Netflix.

Ethernet ports

A good router will connect your devices through Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports. The Ethernet ports serve you well when you want a stable internet connection for activities such as gaming, streaming, or video conferencing.

As you are getting the best router for satellite internet, it is great to consider if your router has enough Ethernet ports for your wired devices.

Signal strength

The signal strength of your router should be excellent. It should cover a broader range, and the stability of the internet should be excellent.

There are many devices in our homes or offices today that require a good internet connection. These devices may be located in different places in our homes or office.

To ensure that all of them are functioning optimally, you should get a router that has a good range. You may also consider the routers with wide coverage here.

Who are the best satellite internet providers?

There are quite a few providers of high-speed satellite internet in the US. This is because of the costs associated with providing high-speed satellite internet connection as compared to cable, DSL, or fiber internet.

HughesNet, Excede, and Dishnet are the main providers of satellite internet in 2022. As of today, Excede provides the fastest internet connection of all the others.

There are features of satellite internet that make it a good or bad connection for use in your home or office.

Reasons to get satellite internet

A satellite internet connection is a good choice, especially in remote areas. The following are the reasons for getting satellite internet:

  • It gives you a faster connection as compared to a dial-up internet connection.
  • You will get connected to the internet no matter where you are since the signal goes into space from the dish and back
  • It experiences fewer disconnections caused by broken transmission cables

Disadvantages of using satellite internet

However, if there is a choice of getting DSL or fiber internet for your home and office, I would recommend the DSL or cable internet for the following reasons:

  • Satellite internet connection has latency challenges due to the distance the signal has to travel. The signal moves from your home to the satellite and then to the other user. This gives a poor gaming experience.
  • Satellite internet connection is very expensive because of the cost of maintenance and the initial connection.
  • The satellite internet signal experiences lots of interference caused by changes in weather patterns and satellite location.
  • The DSL or fiber internet speeds are faster as compared to satellite internet speeds.

Final verdict

Satellite internet is perfect when used with the best and most compatible routers. The best routers have specific features that have appeared all throughout the article. The article has the best picks that offered us a superb service on satellite internet.

Therefore, using the guide and the reviews, we are sure you will get the best router for satellite internet for your home or office. Explore them today.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is satellite internet good for gaming?

For this question, the answer is yes, maybe, or No. This is because it is dependent on factors like what type of game you are playing, the internet speed, the router type, and also on the stability of your connection.
If you live in a rural area without a cable connection, then you will be forced to use satellite internet. If you love gaming, then you will have to adapt to the connection’s strengths and weaknesses.
Not only is the speed of connection slower but also you may experience latency/ ping and packet loss with satellite connections. These affect most online gaming where speed and precision are crucial. With a latency of between 594–624 ms which is significantly higher than the less than 100 ms recommended for multi-player gaming, you may not have the best gaming experience with satellite internet.
However, since satellite connections can provide speeds of up to 25Mbps, then you can use it for gaming. This is because it is higher than 4Mbps which is required for gaming. Of note is that it will support some online games but will not be excellent for all.

Is satellite internet reliable?

There are three things to consider when responding to this question: Latency, Packet Loss, and weather effects. The current technology in satellite internet can support up to 25Mbps in internet speeds. However, these speeds are affected by adverse weather conditions and are subject to latency and packet loss issues.
Therefore, currently as compared to cable or fiber internet, satellite internet is somehow unreliable.
However, if you are in rural areas without access to cable or fiber internet, then we recommend going for satellite internet. It will be somehow effective for most of the online activities including gaming, streaming, browsing, and video conferencing.

How can you boost satellite signal strength?

There are several ways to boost the signal strength of your satellite internet signal. Some are very easy to implement while others may cost you some money. The following are the ways to boost satellite internet signal strength:
For most homes, if you get a reduction in the signal strength, it may be because of damage to the satellite dish or the connecting cables. Therefore, we recommend checking if your equipment is damaged and repairing or replacing it.
You can also improve the signal strength by removing all the debris that is around your satellite dish. This will ensure that the dish can focus the signal for transmission to the modem.
Also, check if the dish is positioned well. For example, US users of satellite internet need to position the dish pointing to the southern sky. If not, ask your provider to position it well for you.
Get a better modem or router such as the ones discussed below. These will ensure that the available signal is optimally used in your home. You can also update the firmware, restart the router/ modem or reset your existing modem and router if you diagnose that that may be the cause of poor signal.
Besides, you can get a Wi-Fi extender or connect your devices to the router with an Ethernet cable. These ensure that you get a wider and stable connection in your home.
Finally, you can change the internet provider if there is a better provider in your area.

How can I reduce the latency of my satellite internet?

There are several ways of reducing latency on satellite internet. The best solutions are ensuring the dish is working well through positioning, removing obstructions, and clearing the debris. You can also use wired connections at home if you can’t get a better satellite router and modem. Finally, you can ensure that the router is updated and is not overloaded by removing parasites and other devices that are not in use.

Can I use my own router with Viasat internet?

Yes, you can use your own router for Viasat internet and other satellite internet providers like Starlink, Exede, and Hughesnet. The process of using your own internet is easy and as described in all the routers described below. This is because you can easily connect a router to a satellite modem using an Ethernet cable. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of the excellent routers below with any satellite ISP.

How much does satellite internet cost?

Satellite internet costs range from $50 for the basic packages to $250 for the advanced packages. You can choose the package that works for your home or office depending on the bandwidth required and the download speeds. The different satellite internet providers charge different rates for their packages and thus it is good to check the prices, reliability, and installation cost before deciding on the ISP you will subscribe to.

Can you stream Netflix on satellite internet?

Yes, you can stream Netflix on satellite internet. This is because satellite internet provides an average download speed of 25Mbps which is higher than the download speed requirements for streaming on Netflix. You can also use Satellite internet to stream Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Twitch among others.

Do I need a modem for satellite internet?

Yes, a modem is required for you to access the internet on a satellite network. A modem may only not be necessary if you have a modem router in your home or office. A modem is necessary because it is the gateway to the internet. It modulates and demodulates signals for transmission and communication between the router and the ISP.