10 Best Routers for Optimum in 2023

Optimum internet is a great product, but it can be frustrating when you have to deal with slow speeds and all the other problems that come from using an old cable modem or router. Moreover, it can be discouraging if you are paying rental fees for an optimum compatible router.

The good news is that you can buy your router to save on the cost of renting the Optimum equipment. You will have a guarantee for awesome and quality service. In addition, the models have been optimized so that they work well with your Optimum network and deliver fast speeds.

When you have your own chosen router, you will also enjoy benefits such as elimination of rental fees, faster Wi-Fi, and an extended wireless range. The router will eliminate the need for a Wi-Fi extender, but if needed we have also tested and come up with a list of the best Wi-Fi extenders for Optimum.

If you are on a different ISP, you can choose an excellent router for your provider too. We have reviewed the best router for Verizon Fios, the best modem router for Cox, the best modem router for Spectrum, the best router for Xfinity, the best Wow internet routers, and the best router for Frontier Fios among others.

Below is a guide that will give you an easy time when selecting the best router for Optimum. You will therefore have the option of picking any of the models. You can easily choose one that meets the selection criteria.

Best routers for Optimum comparison table

RouterSpecificationsFeaturesCheck it out
Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh routerBest mesh router for OptimumTriband,
Has gigabit speeds,
Range of up to 6000 sq. ft for 3 piece
Devices: 75
Special: built-in Zigbee smart home hub
Netgear Nighthawk router R7000Best router for OptimumDual-band,
Speed: Up to 1,900 Mbps,
Range: Up to 1,800 Sq. Ft,
Devices: 30,
Special: WPA2 wireless security protocol
Gryphon Advance router AC3000Best parental control router for optimumSpeed: Up to 3000Mbps
Bands: Tri-band
Devices: Multiple
Range: 3,000 sq. ft.
Special: Advanced parental controls
Netgear Nighthawk RAX80 router AX6000Best router with several LAN portsDual-band
Speed: up to 6000Mbps
Range: up to 2500 sq. ft.
Devices: up to 30,
5 1G Ethernet ports,
WPA3 wireless security protocols
Asus Rog GT-AC2900 Dual-band gigabit routerBest gaming router for OptimumDual-band,
Speed: Up to 2,900Mbps,
Range: Over 2000 sq. ft.
Devices: Over 35,
Creates Aimesh for supported routers
Google Wi-Fi system NLS-1304-24Best aesthetic mesh router for OptimumDual-band,
Range: 1,500 sq. ft. per node,
Speed: 1200 Mbps,
Devices: Multiple,
Has Network assist technology 
TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi router Archer 7Best budget router for optimumDual-band,
Speed: Up to 1,750 Mbps,
Range: Up to 2,500 sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 50,
Excellent budget
Motorola MG7700 modem routerBest modem router combo for optimumDual-band,
Speed: Up to 1,900 Mbps,
Range: Wide coverage,
Multiple devices
Linksys MR7350 RouterBest router for a modest homeDual-band,
Wi-Fi 6 technology,
Speed: Up to 1.8 Gbps,
Range: Up to 1,700 sq ft,
Devices: Up to 25 devices
Netgear Orbi RBK50 mesh systemBest router for wide coverageTri-band,
Speed: up to 3000Mbps,
Range: Up to 5,000 sq. ft. for 2 pieces,
Devices: up to 25 devices,
Special: Smart parental controls

What is a router?

A router is a device that connects your internet to your home network. This can be done with the use of Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. When people talk about ‘wireless’ routers, they’re usually talking about Wi-Fi routers.

One of the best features of a router is its ability to divide a network into multiple subnets. A subnet is like a virtual private network (VPN) that only allows certain computers on the same network to access certain websites. For example, you could have one subnet for work and another for personal use. They both connect back to the main router using different IP addresses, so no one has easy access to both networks at once!

If you are considering buying one, make sure it has good security measures in place with robust routing configurations and NAT firewall protection.

Optimum internet plans

Optimum has several internet plans that can suit any family. You can get any of the Optimum internet plans to ensure you get the best connection for your home:

  • Optimum 100Mbps internet
  • The Optimum 300Mbps internet
  • Optimum 500Mbps internet
  • Optimum 1 Gig internet
Optimum internet plans: https://www.optimum.com/speed?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=pmd__WKB7_yKkegyeiZsGOC99m91uezut.gW34FN9.AxpPk-1635404699-0-gqNtZGzNAuWjcnBszQvl

How to choose the best router for optimum internet?

The best router for you should be one that not only meets your needs but also provides the type of internet connection you want.

Everyone is going to have different needs when it comes to their router. You need to figure out if you’re really going to use your home network or just share it with friends, family, and guests.

If you’re just going to share, then a less expensive router would be suitable. But if you want to do more than share, then you’ll want a more expensive router with features like MU-MIMO and beamforming.

Once you know what your needs are, start looking at what features routers offer. Look at how many gigabits per second (Gbps) they can send and receive as well as how many clients they can support. Most routers will allow multiple connections and will meet the type of internet connection you need.

Which is the best Optimum router?

Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh router

Amazon eero Pro 6 Mesh system: The best Optimum router for thick walls and long range

If you are looking for an Optimum compatible router with Gigabit speeds, that connects several devices simultaneously, has the widest coverage, then Amazon Eero pro 6 is the router for you.

This router offers Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to a Gigabit. The router would, therefore, be an excellent choice for most of the Optimum internet tiers. In addition, the router has 2 Ethernet ports per node.

What makes this tri-band mesh router an excellent choice is the number of devices it can support simultaneously. The router can support up to 75 devices and thus making it one of the best routers for a smart home.

Moreover, the Optimum WiFi router has an expandable excellent range of up to 6,000 square feet for the 3 piece unit. The mesh system is also exceptional for homes with concrete walls or a story building. In case you want to increase the range, you can add another node that expands the coverage.

The Mesh router is just a breeze to set up. Using the eero app, you will be live on your Optimum connection within minutes. In addition, the router is supported by 24/7 customer service.

To top it up, the Amazon Eero Pro 6 router, comes with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub. This means that the router will connect to all your Alexa Voice control compatible devices thus meaning you don’t need to get hubs for every device.

Finally, the router offers exceptional security features. This coupled with updates on the router firmware will keep your data and users safe every time.

Why is Amazon Eero Pro 6 unique?

The reason I truly love the router is because of the range, number of devices connected, speed, and of utmost importance the built-in Zigbee smart home hub. This means that your devices do not only get the best mesh internet speed but also create a seamless Alexa voice-controlled home for all compatible devices. Therefore, you can control the devices in your home and outside since the range is exceptional using the Alexa Voice control!

Comparison with other mesh AX routers

When compared to other mesh routers, the Amazon Eero Pro 6 is our Optimum WiFi router of choice. It offers excellent WiFi speed, wide signal range, making it easy to enjoy the internet in every corner of your home or small business. The router and satellite node both deliver decent throughput performance with good signal strength in our tests, while the mobile app makes creating new networks simple.

What we don’t like with the eero Pro 6 is the inability to configure QoS settings and having to pay for parental controls.

The Asus Zen WiFi AX XT8 is our Editors’ Choice winner for Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems. However, the eero pro 6 is excellent for Optimum. Asus Zen XT8 comes at $150 less than the Amazon eero Pro, it offers superior performance and comes with lifetime parental controls and network security software to protect your home from cyber attacks. It also has a multi-gig LAN port in addition to a USB port so you can easily connect devices such as smart TVs or game consoles without any trouble!


  • Offers exceptional performance
  • Has an excellent range of up to 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Connects up to 75 devices simultaneously- the highest number
  • Built-in Zigbee smart hub
  • Easy to set-up
  • Has excellent security features
  • Is beautiful to have in your home
  • You can control the router through the Alexa Voice control and eero app.
  • You can expand the range using compatible eero hardware


  • It is a bit costly but its worth the price
  • Does not offer free parental controls
  • Does not offer the ability to set your own prioritization on QoS


If you want to ensure that every corner of your home or small business can connect wirelessly, the Eero Pro 6 is a great choice. The router and satellite node both delivered decent throughput performance in our tests while also having good signal strength, making it easy for users to create new networks as well as manage them with their mobile app.

One potential drawback could be that it doesn’t offer free parental control. Moreover, there is no ability to configure QoS settings for the router.

However, if you want a router that will support your home without the need for many configurations, this is the masterpiece.

Netgear Nighthawk smart Wi-Fi router R7000

The best routers under 200 USD for optimum

Enjoy high internet speeds and a reliable connection with an extended range of 1800 square feet. The router boasts of the best quality because of the brand’s high ratings. It has a dual-band that makes your devices perform in the best way possible.

The Optimum Netgear router has a sleek design and combination speeds of 600+1300Mbps. When you have 30 devices or less connected, they will perform best. For upgrading to a smart home, the router will offer you the best service ever.

If you want to stream, play games, and surf, the router will offer you an awesome service because of the reliable connection. Both wired and wireless devices can comfortably be used via the router. It features 4 gigabit Ethernet ports that will easily connect your wired devices.

Moreover, the router has advanced technological features that make its performance better. You will be amazed by the presence of beamforming technology, dynamic QoS, dual-core processor, and three antennas. The range is therefore extended, and the quality of the connection is excellent.

Content sharing using networks is something that many people love. Using USB ports, you will comfortably share content via the router. It features 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports, with 3.0 being the fastest.

Enjoy perfect safety with the Optimum Netgear router because of the observation of WPA/WPA2 protocols. The protocols include guest Wi-Fi, VPN, Firewall, and smart parental controls. Therefore, you guarantee that your internet users and your devices are safe with the router.

It also features the Netgear armor, which is a premium subscription. It created more peace by ensuring that there are data safety and protection from malware. You will have a 30 days trial.

Comparison of R7000 and R8000 plus other routers

Netgear R7000 has an excellent range which is even better as compared to the newer R8000 version. The performance of the two routers is near identical. What makes R7000 better is the positioning of the antennas.

The R8000 is slightly more powerful when using the 5GHz band at 15 feet range from the router. The test shows 434Mbps on R7000 and 485Mbps on R8000.

While it’s true that Netgear has updated their flagship router since releasing the original version in 2013, let’s not forget how impressive this model was back then! With a 1GHz dual-core processor powering its 802.11ac WiFi capabilities to speeds of up to 1900 Mbps (600+1300), you can’t argue with those specs.

But given current-gen routers have been released recently which boast faster processing power as well as additional features such as multiple USB ports for connecting storage devices or printers – should we still give consideration? For instance, Asus AC5300 latest offering is an absolute monster boasting tri-band support plus MU-MIMO.


  • Excellent internet speeds for a home
  • Connects multiple devices
  • Has MU-MIMO, smart connect and beamforming technology
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Smart parental controls
  • Excellent security of users and devices
  • Good network stability
  • Excellent connection on the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports


  • The configuration may be slightly difficult


The Netgear Nighthawk R7000 is still a great router. While it may not have all of the latest features, this older model can handle itself just as well as any other modern-day device for an affordable price! Thus, although it won’t have the features of some newer routers, you can be confident that it will handle itself well if you are looking for an excellent 802.11ac Optimum WiFi router.

 Gryphon Advance security Wi-Fi router AC3000

Gryphon AC3000 Mesh Wi-Fi: The best router with parental control

Enjoy perfect hack and intrusion protection with the Gryphon router. It has extra protection for optimum internet. The different look from other routers is what makes it unique.

You will be amazed by the built-in antennas that cannot be adjusted. The performance is excellent with 3000Mbps speeds plus a wider range of coverage. It has a monster coverage of 3000 square feet with perfect internet stability within the range.

The performance of the router is awesome because of its expandable nature. It has MU-MIMO technology, beamforming, and a powerful triband. Browsing, gaming, and streaming content using the router is a straightforward process. You can also extend the network coverage using additional units.

Moreover, the Optimum WiFi router has smart parental controls. You will, therefore, easily manage your kids while using the internet. Filtering content, monitoring online activities, and setting limits for your children is simple using the Gryphon app.

The router also comes with unmatched protection. You will be getting daily updates about the router’s status, and it also scans all your connected devices. For vulnerabilities, it will perfectly detect intrusion and block it before it gets to your devices.

Finally, the Optimum parental control router is simple to set up and manage. Using the Gryphon app, you will set parental controls and set the router depending on your preferences. After setting safety measures, the connected devices and the users are usually very safe,


  • Offers excellent internet speeds
  • Brilliant parental controls
  • Excellent internet stability
  • Covers a wider range
  • Has awesome protection
  • Easy to send up and manage


  • Slightly costly though it’s worth the price

Netgear Nighthawk RAX80 stream AX6000

The best Netgear routers: One of the best wired routers for gigabit internet

Enjoy lighting speeds when browsing content and streaming. The router has high internet speeds of 6Gpbs. You will, therefore, comfortably game, stream, and watch movies without any interruption.

AX6000 router works perfectly with all Wi-Fi devices because of its technology. The speeds of downloading and uploading content are also high. All your connected devices get a perfect service despite their number.

The best Optimum Netgear router is also highly compatible. It works with all ISP plans of up to 2Gbps hence a cheaper way of replacing your modem and upgrading your Wi-Fi connection. You will also be amazed by how the router works with any modem.

Everyone loves a router that is simple to set up and manage. This model offers simplicity in setting up and managing. You will easily work on your internet settings and take the necessary measures to enhance its functionality.

All your wired devices will have an opportunity to work with the Optimum Netgear router. It features double 3.0 USB ports that help you to share content through the router. You will also be amazed by the presence of the 5 Ethernet ports that allow connection to other devices.

Moreover, the router is loaded with various technological features. They work towards ensuring that the router performs to the maximum. It features the OFDMA, Dynamic QoS, MU-MIMO technology, Beamforming technology, 1024QA, Smart connect, and many others.

Using smart parental controls, you will have a unique opportunity to filter various websites, see the browsing history, and limit online sessions. It is, therefore, the best router for use by children. The WPA/WPA2 security protocols further enhance it.

Finally, the router comes with a lovely design. The design is set for performance.

What makes RAX80 stand out

Netgear’s Nighthawk AX8 router is a futuristic-looking device with impressive networking capabilities. The RAX80 includes five gigabit LAN ports, link aggregation for increased bandwidth and faster data transfer rates (up to 1 Gbps), powerful quad-core processor that helps keep your network running smoothly even when connected devices are trying their best not only to download but also upload simultaneously.

Moreover, it has 802.11ax wireless technology! It scores highly on our throughput tests so you can enjoy fast internet speeds without worry about buffering or low-quality video streams cutting out halfway through playback because they’re too busy downloading files from one website while uploading another onto yet another server somewhere in cyberspace). And its file transfer performance? Outstanding!

Comparison with other AX routers

Netgear’s Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router has everything you need for an advanced and secure network. With Dynamic QoS, bandwidth limits (up to 2 Gbps), access schedules that can be set via the Web portal or through your mobile device as well as blocking devices from accessing the network – Netgear router line is perfect if security features are important in your home!

It lacks some key features such as Gamer QoS settings which are found in Asus’ RT -AX88U ($250-$300). The notable omissions from this RAX80 make it less appealing than other options out there right now such as gamer-centric settings for quality over quantity when playing games online. Prices range similarly between these two products making them good buys if your needs match up well.

Finally, Asus RT-AX88U has advanced antimalware tools not found in RAX80. There are newer and better versions of AX routers but RAX80 still stands out on shape, performance, and range.

Performance on real life testing

The RAX80 deployed in our lab is a capable platform for testing and evaluating WiFi performance. After initial setup, I ran the computer’s test suite to measure its maximum potential bandwidth on 5GHz band using Intel wireless chipsets that support 160MHz channel widths — including those equipped with newer chipsets such as Wireless AC-9260 (which offers twice the coverage versus older models) or Bluetooth 4.2 LE + EDR.

This unit scored nearly 1080 Mbps in close proximity (same room), a little slower than Asus’ RT AX88U (which has been proven time after again), but still plenty fast when considering all four queues are working together seamlessly. The speeds were 33% faster than most AC routers such as Asus Rapture GT-AC5300. Moreover, it had 35% improved speed performance as compared to TP-Link Archer C5400X.

On 33 feet distance test, it had 400Mbps WiFi speed. The speed was still slower than AX88U. However, it was still over 20% better than Asus AC5300 and TP-Link C5400X.

On 2.4GHz, the router had the slowest speeds of the tested devices. Asus Rapture GT-AC5300 had the best 2.4GHz speeds at close proximity or even 33 feet away.


  • Has one of the highest internet speeds
  • It has a strong 5GHz throughput.
  • Awesome file-transfer performance.
  • Has a lovely design
  • USB and Ethernet ports for connection to storage and wired devices
  • Beamforming technology, smart connect, and others
  • Has exceptional safety features
  • Has link aggregation enabled
  • Simple set up the management process
  • Has LED lights


  • The LEDs are not visible due to their placement
  • It does not have some anti-malware tools
  • Wi-Fi 6 devices are not widespread yet


The Netgear Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router is a sleek, futuristic router with five gigabit LAN ports that can also use link aggregation to boost its wireless performance. It has an impressive feature set and top marks on our throughput tests! It only lacks futuristic antimalware tools and costs a little bit more than AC routers.

Asus Rog GT-AC2900 Dual-band gigabit router

Asus Rog GT-AC2900 router: best gaming router for Optimum

You may have been looking for a gaming router for optimum. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of each gamer. The design of the router is awesome because it can perfectly sit on the sides or its base.

It features three high-performance antennas that work towards extending the Wi-Fi range. You will have special love with its lighting that makes it beautiful. It indicates the status of the internet connection hence user-friendly.

More about this router model is that it has a triple-game accelerator. It makes your gaming awesome by optimizing all your gaming packets. You will therefore enjoy a smooth flow between the server and your computer or gaming device.

While gaming, the router ensures that you have adequate and stable internet. You will, therefore, not experience any form of latency. You will be amazed by the presence of the Geforce recommendation.

Enjoy high speeds and stable networks when using the router. If you intend to stream online, the router will still serve you best. The range maintains its stability irrespective of the distance from the router but within the coverage.

Furthermore, the router boasts high security. All your connected devices are safe from any intrusion. The router has compatibility with AiProtection that is powered by trend micro.

It also features Asus Aimesh’s support. Therefore, extending the Wi-Fi to have full home coverage is a very simple task with this model. You will be amazed by its flexibility and the simple setup process. 


  • Excellent features for gaming
  • Has a good range
  • Connects multiple devices
  • Has a powerful and stable signal
  • The speed gets maintained to the maximum
  • It is highly compatible with other routers
  • Works with AiProtection and AiMesh
  • Has a stylish design


  • The many styles of operation may be confusing

Google Wi-Fi system NLS-1304-25

Google Wi-Fi system NLS-1304-25

If you intend to replace your existing Wi-Fi with a new system, these models will serve you best. It has a wider coverage and perfect are eliminating dead zones. You will no longer experience buffering hence a stable network for your entire home.

The router also comes with excellent compatibility. It works with major ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon, and Fios. You can therefore replace the routers without having to replace the routers. It is, therefore, a cheaper way of upgrading your smart home.

Moreover, the router has a wider coverage of 1500 square feet. When in a set of 3, the router covers a range of 4500 square feet. For better functionality, the routers are placed at specific points to stabilize the internet at all corners.

In case you need additional range coverage, the router allows for an easy extension. You will therefore have a chance to add more routers in a simple setup process. The internet can, therefore, cover a large home comfortably.

Furthermore, the router comes with network assist technology. It will therefore make your devices function best by connecting them to the nearest available channel. All your devices will therefore enjoy fast and reliable internet.

Google Wi-Fi system NLS-1304-25

Enjoy simple setups using a mobile app. The configuration process is fast and simple and allows for easy monitoring. Therefore, you can connect easily to a Google WiFi compatible modem using the app.

You will also love prioritizing your connected devices for the best functionality. Parental controls can also be done using the app.


  • A simple way of upgrading to a smart home
  • Easy to configure and manage using an app
  • Connects to all major ISPs networks
  • Perfectly eliminates dead zones
  • Excellent connection speeds and reliable internet
  • Has a lovely design
  • Easy to extend the internet


  • Poor positioning of the routers makes them ineffective

TP-Link AC150 Smart Wi-Fi router Archer 7

TP-Link Archer A7 Router: The best budget router for Optimum internet

You have been looking for an affordable router for optimum. We consider that, too, that is why we have brought this model for you. It comes at quite an affordable price. It also boasts of the highest customer satisfaction with the 2017 and 2019 awards.

The router has a dual-band that upgrades to 1750Mbps. It has a combined speed of 450+1300Mbps. You will not experience any form of buffering when doing your online stuff. For 4K streaming, the router makes the ideal choice.

It also features three external antennas that help in range extension.  It also has gigabit ports that help in connection with wired devices. In case you have content to share using the router, you will use the USB ports to have easy sharing.

Moreover, the router has high compatibility. You will comfortably connect all devices that have Wi-Fi technology. Within the range, the internet maintains its stability hence maintained speeds. The speed of sharing is also fast.

The process of setting up the router is also very simple. Using a tethering app, you will find it very comfortable to set up and implement measures to the router. It also works with Amazon Alexa making it simple to manage in the comfort of your home.

Finally, the router comes at an affordable price but with a great performance. It has a sleek design that makes your home’s aesthetics look great. You will love the performance of the router because of the stability of the network.


  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Has a lovely and sleek design
  • Comes at a lower price
  • USB and Ethernet ports for wired devices
  • Compatible with both wired and wireless devices
  • Covers a wider range
  • Awarded as one of the best routers internationally


  • Not as powerful as other models

Motorola MG7700 modem router

Motorola MG7700 modem router combo: The best modem router combo for optimum

You can use a modem router combo for an Optimum internet connection if you don’t want separate modems and routers. In that case, getting Motorola MG7700 will ensure you get an excellent connection via Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports.

The modem router combo combines a 1000Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 modem and a dual-band router. Therefore, the dual-band router will provide your home with fast 1,900Mbps. That is excellent internet speed for all online activities including gaming, 4K streaming, video conferencing, and others.

The modem has a maximum speed of up to 1000Mbps. This is a great connection for most internet tiers for optimum. In addition, the modem router combo has 4 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports for your wired devices.

Getting this modem router will enable you to avoid paying the Optimum rental fees. These rental fees may range up to 156 USD per year.

Like in other Motorola modems, it is very easy to set up. You just follow the prompts given by the manufacturer and you will be online in a few minutes.

Finally, the modem router combo is appealing to the eye. The device looks good when set up on your shelves and has a cooling mechanism to prevent it from overheating.


  • The modem router combo offers excellent Wi-Fi speeds
  • It combines a modem and a router
  • Saves on space because it is one device
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Saves on modem rental fees
  • Its aesthetically appealing


  • Its Wi-Fi range is not all that good
  • May not be compatible with some devices

Linksys MR7350 Router

Linksys MR7350 Router: The best Optimum Wi-Fi 6 router for a modest home

If you have a modest home but want the Wi-FI 6 properties, get Linksys MR7350 Router. The router offers Wi-Fi 6 features for an affordable router that is powered by intelligent mesh technology.

The router will cover your home of 1,500 square feet with high-speed internet. This means for an average home you will have a fast connection in every corner. In addition, it can be linked to a compatible Linksys mesh network.

The router also covers up to 20 devices with Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi. This will ensure all the devices in your home are covered with fast Wi-Fi. In addition, the router has 4 Ethernet ports for your wired devices.

Furthermore, the router offers speeds of up to 1.5Gbps. These speeds will support 4K streaming, gaming, and other online devices.

Finally, you will be able to set up this router within minutes. This is possible through the Linksys App which will give you the prompts on how to set up and configure the router.


  • It is easy to set up
  • Offers Wi-Fi 6 performance supported by 1.8GHz Quad-Core processor
  • Expandable network using Linksys mesh products
  • Great Wi-Fi speeds
  • Connection to a number of devices
  • Has a sizeable range


  • May not cover your whole home with Wi-Fi

Netgear Orbi RBK50 mesh system

Netgear Orbi RBK50 home mesh (The best Netgear router in 2020 for thick walls)

We finish the best routers for Optimum with a bang. The Netgear Orbi RBK50 is an exceptional mesh router that will give you speeds, connection to lots of devices, and to top it all a wide coverage.

The router offers a coverage of up to 5,000 square feet for the 2 piece unit. One of the nodes works as the router while the other functions as a satellite. You can also expand the coverage by up to 2,500 square feet by adding another node. Therefore, you will have no dead zones in your home.

The tri-band router has a dedicated band for communication between the nodes. Therefore, the different nodes will offer exceptional Wi-Fi speeds since communication between the router and the satellite is done using one band using the tri-band backhaul technology.

The Optimum Netgear router offers internet speeds of up to 3Gbps. These speeds ensure that your home devices are all covered with high-speed internet. For your wired devices, each node has a Gigabit Ethernet port.

The Netgear Orbi RBK50 can connect up to 25 devices simultaneously. This ensures that all your home devices get access to high-speed internet. The mesh system ensures that you can move from one corner of the house to another without losing the internet connection.

The router offers exceptional parental controls to check, limit, and manage what your children are watching or reading online. You can also manage the time your children spend online using this router.

Furthermore, the router has advanced security features for the safety of your users and data. The Netgear Armor which is powered by BitDefender will ensure you are protected from viruses, malware, and hackers.

The router is loaded with the current technology to connect several devices, for wide coverage and a high-speed connection. The router has MU-MIMO, Smart Connect, and Beamforming. Additionally, the router has Guest WiFi, VPN, and WPA2 wireless security protocols for your security.

The router is easy to connect and manage. The router can be set up in a few minutes using the Orbi app. The app can also be used to configure and manage the router settings.


  • Offers exceptional internet performance
  • Has an excellent expandable range
  • Comes with great parental controls and security features
  • Is loaded with the current technologies
  • Can connect up to 25 devices simultaneously


  • The router is a bit expensive but worth every penny

Choosing the best router for optimum

The best router for optimum has some unique features that make it stand out. Considering the following unique features, you will get the best router.


The price of the router matters a lot concerning your budget. You will, therefore, have to choose between getting the best router. Always ensure despite the cost, you choose the best quality.

Always check the quality and the home’s needs before the price when getting your router. This is because a router lasts for long and thus you don’t want to be stuck with a poor router for long.

You can always consider what you are saving when you change from an Optimum router in a year or two and get a good router for your home.

Stability of the network

The best router should have a stable network. Therefore, it would be best to choose a router that supports the network over an extended range. Within the range of coverage, the internet should be very stable. It should connect to several devices at a time.

The network should be stable enough to ensure that you get exceptional time in gaming, streaming, and other online activities such as video conferencing.

The stability is assured by getting a router with the current technologies. You can also ensure that you get a router that supports the latest technologies.


The basic thing when choosing the router is its compatibility with the Optimum modem. It should also be compatible with Wi-Fi devices. It is also best if your router works with both wired and wireless devices.

This is possible when you choose one of the routers above. They are all compatible with all the modems availed by Optimum or available in the market today.


For your home, you need to pick a router that will serve the devices wherever they are located in your house comfortably. This means getting a router that will cover that will penetrate through thick walls if you have them.

Thus, get a router that has wider coverage than your house’s surface area. This will ensure that devices such as Ring cameras, smart door locks, and others get connected to a fast internet connection.

For excellent range, your router should have several high-performance antennas. It also should have Beamforming. The two technologies serve your devices with the fastest Wi-Fi wherever they are.

Number of devices

Your home router should be able to cover all your devices and serve them without lags. This is because there is nothing as frustrating as getting lags in gaming, streaming, or video conferencing.

Therefore, ensure that you get a router that serves more than the devices available in your home currently. This will ensure that all the devices get a great connection.

For this, check to ensure that your router has QoS, a great Wi-Fi speed, a powerful processor, a great firmware, among other technologies. These technologies enable your router to serve multiple devices.

Wi-Fi speeds

An excellent router for Optimum should be able to give you excellent speeds. Good Wi-Fi speeds are supported by the current technology where Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac provide some of the fastest Wi-Fi speeds.

You should strive to get a dual-band or tri-band router for your home. This is because the 5GHz band will give you faster speeds and a shorter range while the 2.5 GHz band will give a long-range but has slower speeds and is affected by radio devices.

Thus, get a router that can support your Optimum subscription optimally.

How to update Optimum router firmware

Updating the router firmware is important for security, performance improvement, and increasing the life span of your router. Some routers offer automatic update settings while for others you have to check and install the firmware update.

The following are the steps you can use to update the Optimum router firmware:

  • Type your router’s IP address into the search bar of any web browser. You can find the IP address typed at the back of your router or from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Enter your username and password on the web interface that appears. You can use the login details typed at the back of your router. This is if you have not changed the details before.
  • Locate the Firmware or Update section. Once logged into the web user interface locate the firmware update section which is normally found in the AdvancedAdministration, or Management section. Kindly note that this section may be different depending on the model that you are using.
  • Go to your router manufacturer’s website. Depending on the model, login into your respective manufacturer’s website. Then check if there are updates for your model- by conducting a search for your model.
  • Download the firmware update file. Once you locate the update folder on the website download the compressed firmware update file (“.ZIP” file). Save the file on a folder on your computer that you can easily access.
  • Extract the file from the .zip folder. This is because for your installation to take place, you will need to open the .zip folder and extract the exact file required.
  • Save the file in an accessible place on your computer. You can easily access it if it is on your desktop.
  • Back on the router firmware section on your web browser, click on Choose File or Browse. This will open a dialogue box where you can select the file from the place you have saved it.
  • Select the file from the location you saved the file. In our case, we saved it on the desktop. Once you select the file, press the “update” button on the web user interface.
  • Give the router some time for the update to take place. Do not interrupt the process since it may spoil the router.
  • Once the update process is complete, reboot the router. This may be automatic or you may need to either switch off the power or use the power off button on the router.

How to speed up an Optimum WiFi connection

How does your environment affect how your router performs?

Your environment is one of the most important factors to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a router.

The type of material your home is made out of and the distance from the gateway affect how your router performs. For example, if you live in an apartment building, then you will want to get a low-power router that doesn’t need a lot of bandwidth. This will be good for people with slow internet connections at their residence or anyone who lives in a small apartment.

If you live in a large, brick house with a garden, then you’ll want to get a larger router with more power. In some cases, this router may even need its own power source.

If you’re living on a property that isn’t close enough to the gateway and using wireless internet, then getting an outdoor antenna for your modem will help improve your signal strength up to 100 meters away from the gateway.

Final verdict

It is very wise to get a router to offer you the best service and meet your needs. When you have a high-performing router, you will be set for using with Optimum.

The best router for Optimum will enable you to get the best performance for your ISP subscription. In our reviews, Netgear Nighthawk R7000 stood out as the best. Other Netgear routers also perform excellently when used for Optimum internet.

You will need to ensure you follow the steps indicated above to install the router. Otherwise, you may need to reset your Optimum router for the best connection.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which internet speed tiers/ plans does Optimum offer?

Optimum offers internet tiers of up to 1 Gigabit in some places. This offers download speeds of up to 940Mbps. The other tiers are Optimum 300 which has 300Mbps download speeds and Optimum 400 which gives you 400Mbps download speeds.
All the tiers cost a different price with the lowest at 40 Dollars per month and the highest at 70 Dollars per month.

How much do you pay for a rented Optimum modem?

When getting the modem from Optimum, you have to check the internet tier you are subscribing to. For the basic modems, you pay $10 per month.
For the other packages where you get a more advanced modem, you will pay $12 to $15 per month.

Will any router work with Optimum?

Yes, almost every third-party Wi-Fi router will work with Optimum. This is because it will be connected to a compatible Optimum modem. However, as you are choosing the router, ensure that it is compatible with the ISP speed plan that you have subscribed to and also with your devices such as modems and home devices. Finally, even though almost every router is compatible with Optimum, you need to pick one that meets your needs and specifications as guided by the buyer’s guide above.

How can I boost my Optimum WiFi signal?

There are several ways to boost the Optimum WiFi signal with the use of an Optimum Wi-Fi extender as the easiest and best. However, in your home, you can boost the signal by ensuring the router is placed in the right place, far from devices that can interfere with the WiFi connection and metallic objects. In addition, it should not be surrounded by thick walls. Moreover, you can get high-gain router antennas for your router or get a high-performance router. Finally, you can also boost the Optimum WiFi signal by securing your router and eliminating network parasites to reduce congestion.

Can you get Optimum Internet only?

Yes, you can subscribe to Optimum internet only. You can get the Optimum internet plans that range from 200 Mbps to 940Mbps gigabit plan. Therefore, if you want internet without TV or phone service, you can subscribe to an internet-only plan.

Is Altice Optimum internet good?

Data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows that Optimum in 2020 got a customer satisfaction score of 65 out of 100. This was the industry average. Therefore, most of the customers are satisfied with the Optimum services. In comparison with other ISPs, it scored better than Spectrum and fellow Altice service, and Suddenlink. However, it scored less than Verizon Fios, AT&T, and Xfinity.