Best Router for Google Fiber in 2023

If you’re a customer of Google Fiber and are looking for the best router, then you’ve come to the right place. If not, keep reading anyway as this post will be helpful for those who need a new router. Routers work as a pivotal point in your internet connection.

Millions of people are starting to get connected to Google Fiber. This is the superfast internet that promises speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. You might be wondering which router is best for the service. Google Fiber has two different types of routers available: the OnHub and Google Wifi.

The OnHub is a wireless router that was designed with simplicity in mind so you don’t need to configure it for each device on your network. The Google Wifi, on the other hand, provides a mesh networking system so you can have a strong signal no matter where you are in your home. We’ll explore all this and more below…

Best router for Google Fiber Comparison table

Google Fiber RouterBest forFeaturesCheck on Amazon
Google Nest mesh router System Best router for Google fiberDual-Band,
Speed: Up to 2,200Mbps,
Range: Up to 4,400 Sq. ft for 2 piece unit,
Devices: Up to 200,
Mesh system
Check it out
Netgear Nighthawk R6700Best budget router for Google fiberDual-band,
Speed: Up to 1750Mbps,
Range: 1500 sq. ft.
Devices: 25
Check it out
Asus RT-AX88U routerBest performing Google fiber routerDual-Band,
Speed: Up to 6,000Mbps,
Range: Up to 2,500 Sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 50,
8 LAN ports,
WiFi 6 router,
Target Wake Time
Check it out
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Best wired router3 Gigabit routing ports,
Excellent GUI
Check it out

What is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is a superfast internet service that promises speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

It’s not just for businesses though. Google has introduced its fiber program to residential customers in select cities, starting with Kansas City, Austin, and Provo!

Google Fiber differs from other broadband services because it offers broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (1 Gbps), which is 100 times faster than the average broadband speed in the United States. As of July 2016, Google Fiber has spread to 19 markets and they’re working on expanding into more.

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Do you need a router with Google fiber?

What is a router? A router is a device that connects different networks. It is important to have a router if you have more than one network in your home, such as a Wi-Fi network and a wired Ethernet network.

Google Fiber delivers internet speeds up to 100x faster than what most Americans have today. They do this by installing a gigabit fiber optic cable all the way into your home. They provide up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds. In addition to providing you with at least two pieces of hardware: a Fiber Jack and a Network Box.

The Fiber Jack connects to your house’s wiring and sends gigabit Ethernet signals to your Network Box, which has an ethernet port for every computer in the house.

A router with Google fiber is needed to bridge the Ethernet cable. It also provides Wi-Fi for all of your devices and has a built-in Ethernet port so you can share an Internet connection with other devices.

What is the difference between Google Wifi and OnHub?

The Google Wifi is a mesh networking system that allows you to have great wifi no matter where you are in your house. It’s designed to work with any modem and router. It works by assigning different tasks to the multiple devices that make up your network.

The OnHub is a simple wireless router that doesn’t require any setup or configuration for each device on your network. It also has great wifi, but it’s not as customizable as Google Wifi. The OnHub is powerful enough for most people, which makes it easier to use than other routers on the market.

If you want an easy-to-use wireless router, go with the OnHub. If you need wifi everywhere, choose Google WiFi!

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How to self-install Google Fiber

Best router for Google WiFi

Best for Google Fiber compatibility: Google Nest WiFi Router System

Google Nest AC2200 Mesh router: Best mesh router for 200Mbps fios and Google fiber

Google fiber internet is one of the fastest and most reliable internet service providers in the US. Google’s own wireless router has been designed to work best with their fiber internet that comes at a very high speed.

If you’re looking for a new router to use with your Google Fiber internet, this is the best one on the market. Google’s own WiFi router system has been engineered to provide the best wifi connection for users.

It’s compatible with both the Google Wifi System and Google Nest products. The design of this router is minimalistic and it looks almost like a voice assistant device. Nest’s design is super minimalistic, with powerful antennas built-in and the ability to resemble a voice assistant device.

Coverage and devices

With two nodes, it can cover up to 4000 sqft of area. All of the rooms in your house can be covered with this router.

The Google Nest Wifi Mesh Router System is a great choice for anyone who has a big home and many smart devices, especially those who have trouble with signal strength. Whether you have a large house or just need a powerful connection for your office, this mesh router system will be perfect for you.

The advanced technology of this product ensures that it will provide strong connections throughout the entire home as well as fast Wi-Fi speeds. This product allows you to connect up to 100 devices at one time and has two Ethernet ports so that you can use wired connections or LAN gaming.

What makes Google Nest stand out?

It works by taking your home’s internet signal and splitting it among all the devices you have within range, whether that’s one or five. With this device, you’ll be able to enjoy 4K streaming without any lag time thanks to its high-speed 5GHz band that goes up to 2.2Gbps.

You can control all of these features (parental controls, advanced security configuration, etc.) through an app on your iOS or Android phone. Plus, it auto-updates its firmware so you can connect effortlessly. If you’re ready for a better


  • Offers excellent compatibility with Google Fiber
  • The router is easy To Set Up
  • Google Nest has an excellent range
  • Offers intelligent device handling
  • Offers regular firmware updates


  • Costly as compared to other routers


If you’ve got a decent budget and want to make the most of your internet connection, this is the right product for you. The Google WiFi Router System is compact, equipped with the latest technologies, lightweight, and hardly takes up any space.

Additionally, it allows you to watch 4K quality streaming with zero lags thanks to its amazing hardware supporting a 5GHz band having a speed of up to 2.2Gbps.

You can control all of the features such as parental controls, advanced security configuration, etc using google provided app for iOS and Android. It also comes with auto-update features keeping your google wifi router firmware always up to date so you can enjoy a stable internet connection.

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Best Budget Google Fiber router: Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 (R6700)

Netgear R6700 Router AC1750 (best netgear router for most homes)

Netgear is a brand known for its quality networking devices and this product is one of them. The Netgear Night Hawk R6700 is a feature-rich wifi router that can be used with Google Fiber or other ISPs. The build quality of the device is exceptional and it’s relatively easy to install as well.

Simply plug in the device to a power outlet and then connect it to your Google Fiber modem for internet access. You might have to configure the settings, but that won’t take much time, and after that, you’re all set up.

The WiFi router has four high-speed Ethernet ports which you can use to make a wired connection with your PC, gaming console, printers, etc. The product has pretty exceptional speeds so you’ll be able to enjoy streaming HD videos, 4K movies, multiplayer games, or YouTube without any stutter or buffering.

Furthermore, there’s even a USB 3.0 port on the front for shared storage or connecting an additional printer, etc.

Finally, you will appreciate the armor security features and built-in firewall. The advanced security measures protect your devices from malware, fraud, and viruses on your network. Moreover, you can use the advanced parental controls, Guest WiFi, and the current wireless security protocols including WPA2 for the safety of your family.

What makes Netgear Nighthawk R6700 stand out?

Netgear is a name that comes to mind when looking for reliable network equipment, and this product is no exception. The Netgear Night Hawk R6700 offers an affordable and feature-rich wireless connection that you can use with Google Fiber or any other internet service provider.

Its build quality is excellent and installation is easy: Simply plug the device into a power outlet and connect it to your modem. You may need to configure the settings but this should not take long.

Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to achieve speeds of up to 1750 Mbps, which will allow you to stream HD videos, play games, or watch YouTube without buffering or stuttering. In addition, the router has a USB 3.0 port on the front for shared storage or connecting a printer, so you can have access from any device in your home.


  • The router works Alexa and Google Assistant
  • It has lots of features for a low price
  • Features a built-in firewall and Malware Protection
  • The router has smart Connect
  • Offers intelligent adjustment of your bandwidth
  • Beamfoaming+ technology


  • If you want Circle by Disney you have to subscribe for the paid service

Best WiFi 6 Google fiber router: Asus AX88U Router

Asus RT-AX88U router: Best WiFi 6 router for Google Fiber

The RT-AX88U is the perfect router for gamers with any kind of internet connection, whether that’s high-end WiFi or low-end dial-up. The Google fiber router has four detachable antennas, two in the back and one on each side, with a USB 3.1 port, a Wi-Fi on/off button, an LED on/off button, and a row of LED indicators for power, 2.4GHz and 5GHz band activity, WAN, LAN activity (one for each port), USB, and WPS activity. The rear panel holds eight gigabit LAN ports, one WAN port, a second USB 3.1 port.

This product is powered by the Broadcom BCM49408 CPU that runs at 1.8GHz with 1GB of RAM which has 256MB of NAND flash memory.

The RT-AX88U is a dual-band wireless router that supports a 2.4GHz channel at maximum data transfer rate of up to 1.1 Gbps and at 5 GHz it can throughput a maximum data transfer rate of up to 4.8 Gbps, combined delivered bandwidth of up to 6 Gbps.

You can control the RT-AX88U using a mobile app or the more advanced web GUI console and the web GUI main screen contains a network map that shows all connected clients, internet and security status, connected USB devices, and Wi-Fi information for both radio bands. On the left side of the screen is a menu containing General settings and Advanced settings with Ai Mesh Technology, adaptive QoS for a reliable connection.

What makes Asus RT-AX88U stand out?

This dual-band 802.11ac wireless router is a great choice for gamers. It eliminates ping or poor wifi performance as it’s been specially designed for gaming by offering all the latest wireless technologies and software features. The RT-AX88U is powered by the quad-core Broadcom BCM49408 CPU that runs at 1.8GHz.

With four detachable antennas, a USB 3.1 port, and eight gigabit LAN ports, this router has got you covered. You can enjoy your online activity without any issues.


  • It is AiMesh Compatible
  • It features Wifi 6 technology
  • Has 8 High Speed LAN Ports
  • Commercial Grade Security (Ai Protection & Firewall)
  • Super Fast Performance


  • Costly
  • Not many WiFi 6 enabled devices available still

Best wired router for Google Fiber: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

Ubiquiti Networks Networks Edgerouter Lite

The EdgeRouter Lite is an advanced networking device. It features routing, security, and management features that are suitable for both small and medium-sized networks. With its compact size and affordable price, the EdgeRouter Lite is a viable alternative to Ubiquiti’s more expensive models. But please note: it’s not for network beginners!

What makes Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite stand out?

The EdgeRouter Lite is an affordable device with powerful routing, security, and management features for advanced network users. Housed in a compact, fanless form factor, this router delivers advanced functionality without the need for external fans.


  • You can configure the router according to your needs
  • Budget router with an excellent performance
  • Provides connections for wired devices
  • Easy replacement for Fiber Network Box


  • A bit complicated to set up- Newbies find it complex to use
  • Enabling QoS reduces throughput
  • Set up complicated since it is not plug-and-play out of the box

Tips for Choosing the Best Router for Google Fiber

Choosing the best router for Google fiber requires a meticulous analysis of the speed of the internet, number of devices, coverage required, type of devices (wired or wireless), Compatibility with Google fiber, WiFi standards, Processor type and size, type of router among others.

Speed of internet

Every home needs the highest speed of internet possible. The more speed your internet provides, the more usable internet access you get. Google fiber can only be accessed with a good internet speed, and fast internet speed helps your family and other users better enjoy their usage of the internet.

WiFi 802.11 devices require a network with good internet speed to be able to connect with the internet. Some of the Wi-Fi devices require a connection of around 40 megabits per second to 5 gigabits per second to fully utilize their potential.

These requirements are the same for most homes, as most of the devices used by home users have broadband connections and are often tied up by buffering issues and slow internet speeds.

For multiple devices, you need a gigabit router. This means getting a router that is capable of a minimum throughput of 1000 Mbps.

Number of devices

For households with more than one user, it is a good idea to have a router that has a mesh network feature. This helps in sending and receiving fast internet from the nearest point (router).

A mesh network is a virtual local area network, which helps in managing multiple networks at different locations within the network. It is designed to distribute the network among multiple routers so that when one router fails, it is replaced by another router.

This is useful when a user has lots of devices at different locations, but this network can still deliver high-speed internet to each device. It helps in ensuring a stable and fast internet connection even during peak hours.


The router range is an important consideration as you pick your router. Most traditional routers have a coverage of between 1200 square feet to 3,500 square feet. This means as you try to cover your home, you can get a router that covers your home fully.

For a better range, you can go for mesh systems. These systems give you better seamless coverage than most traditional routers. Google Nest, the best router for Google fiber, has a range of 4,400 square feet for the 2 piece system.

Type of devices (wired or wireless)

When it comes to choosing the best router for Google fiber, the most important factor you should consider is the type of wireless router that is needed to be connected to a cloud network. For Google fiber, you will be using wireless router devices like wireless access points and access points.

The most popular choice of devices for Google fiber is wireless access point devices. These devices are in a portable and compact form factor and they require minimal hardware. Besides the best router for Google fiber, you should check their wireless range and security features.

One of the most important factors to consider is the number of wired Ethernet ports.

WiFi standard

WiFi standard is crucial when choosing a router for Google fiber. The devices running on the right router will access internet with higher speeds. A fast internet connection is mandatory to function with the fiber.

The latest standard is the WiFi 6 (802.11AX). The standard offers better range, connection to multiple devices and WiFi speeds that are 10X WiFi 5 speeds. Previous standards were Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac in that order.

The best wireless router for Google Fiber is compatible with most of the wireless router standards currently available in the market such as:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
  • Wired IEEE 802.3b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Wireless Powerline
  • Ethernet Cat 6a
  • Bluetooth 5/ 5-HTP/ 4.2/ Smart
  • USB 2.0/ 3.0

You should choose the router according to your needs. All these 802.11 standards help determine the seed, range, number of devices among other features. WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 are good for the simultaneous streaming of HD movies, high quality 4K videos, and lots of bandwidth-intensive apps on your smartphone.

Radio Frequency bands

Different bands have different speeds. Most WiFi routers have various WiFi frequency bands which can be used. Current routers have 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. Tri-band routers have 2 5GHz bands in addition to the 2.4GHz band.

The AD routers have increased speeds due to excellent modification of the bands.

Processor type and size

As you choose your router for Google fiber, ensure that it has a good processor to support the speed, devices, and other features.

Most of the reviewed routers have more that 1GHZ processor speed. The higher the speed, the better the performance.

Type of router

Depending on the types of devices in your home, you can choose either a wired or wireless router. Wireless routers are generally used for high-speed access for many devices. Wired routers are mainly used for low-speed access (10/25/40/50 Mbps) but are very reliable.

However, we have gigabit wired routers in the market today. A wired router is used for high speed access with minimal delay. They are also plug and play routers which requires little maintenance.


As you choose your router, you need to pick one that suits your budget. The routers reviewed here cost as low as less than 100 Dollars and you can get a router costing even a thousand dollars.

The higher priced routers may have better features and coverage. However, even the basic router will give you a good connection for Google fiber. This enables you to get a router even with budget limitations.

Best WiFi technology for distance, crowded areas, and security requirements

Fiber Optic cable is the same technology used to transmit television signals, telephone calls, and other high-speed internet signals. A fiber optic cable is also referred to as twisted-pair copper cable.

Due to its high rate of speed and reliability, fiber optic cable has become a standard for Internet in homes. Fiber optic cable technology has replaced the traditional copper cable, which can carry a higher current.

Fiber optic cable is similar to copper in that both use two conductors with separate insulated wires. The cables use less energy than copper cables and are more efficient because they are smaller, can carry more information, and transmit more data.

Should you get an ethernet jack for your home?

Many people don’t know that Google Fiber comes with an ethernet jack. You can plug your Google Fiber box into the jack and get a more stable connection than you would if you were on Wi-Fi.

It’s important to note that while Google Fiber does come with an ethernet jack, it doesn’t come with any ethernet cable. You’ll need to purchase one yourself or go out and buy a new router altogether.

Should you get an extender with Google Fiber?

If you live in an area serviced by Google Fiber, you might be wondering what type of router to get for your home. The OnHub is the only wireless router available with Google Fiber. The OnHub is a sleek-looking design that lets you connect all your devices to your network without requiring many configurations.

You can set up the OnHub in just a few minutes and then forget about it. You’ll always have the strongest possible signal no matter where in your home you are. If you’re looking for more customization options, though, Google Wifi might be better suited for you.

The Google Wifi is designed to provide mesh networking so that no matter where you are in your house, you’ll still have a strong internet connection. It’s perfect if say, one of your kids watches Netflix while another person streams music on Spotify…you get the idea!

Which router should I get for my phone, laptop, etc.?

The easiest router to use is the Google OnHub. It’s a wireless router that was designed with simplicity in mind so you don’t need to configure it for each device on your network.

Since Google Wifi is a mesh networking system, it can provide a strong signal no matter where you are in your home. This means you’ll never have to worry about your devices dropping connections because of poor Wi-Fi signals.


Google Fiber is a superfast internet service that promises speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. To take advantage of this, you need a good router. Although Google provides two options, there are plenty of other routers available on the market that might suit your needs better.

In this post, we’ll explore the OnHub and the Google Wifi routers. As well as how they differ from each other and other routers available on the market.

We’ll also talk about mesh networks and why they’re so important for people with Google Fiber.

Routers transfer data from the modem to devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. A good router should be able to handle all of your internet needs and provide consistent WiFi coverage throughout your home.

It should also be easy to set up and manage. The good news is that there is a lot of variety and you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. We’ve reviewed 4 routers that we think would suit anyone with Google Fiber perfectly!


Can I Use Any Router With Google Fiber?

Google fiber is a fiber optic internet connection. You can use almost any router for fiber internet. This is because most routers are plug and play with minimal tweaks on the WiFi details. However, you need to be sure that the router can manage the internet speed that you have subscribed for. Moreover, Google fiber offers excellent tech support.

Do I need a modem and router for Google Fiber?

No, you don’t need doesn’t need a modem to work since you can connect the router to the ONT box. Moreover you can get direct connection with Google Fiber Webpass. In this case, you need to plug your device into the Google Fiber Webpass jack with an Ethernet cable. This will give you an instant connection.

Can Google Fiber Provide Me With Support If I Use My Own Router?

Google fiber will offer tech support formthe internet connection and in most instances not the router. This is because you are using a third party router. Third party routers are supported by the manufacturer. Therefore, you can contact Google if you have issues with the internet connection such as latency, internet not working, outages in your area among others.

How can I speed up my Google Fiber?

There are a few ways of speeding up the Google fiber connection including moving closer to the router, positioning your router in a central position without thick walls, not putting the router on the floor or closets, and reducing interference from other electromagnetic devices.

Why is Google fiber so slow?

There are a few causes for slow Google fiber internet including network congestion, faulty router, WiFi extender and other network hardware, unsatisfactory device performance, or malware (presence of software bugs). The main Google fiber issues include latency, packet loss, and slow internet connections.

Is it better to use own router with Google fiber?

Google fiber has approved the use of other routers on their connection. Thus, if you already have a router that is performing excellently, you can stick to it. Moreover, you can upgrade from Google fiber router to a better router to suit your needs. The main selling points for your own router is the control you have over the router and not paying the rental fees for it.