8 Best Routers for Bell Internet Canada in 2023

Each individual household in Canada and indeed the whole world can not do without good internet. That is what Bell provides for Canada. However, as you pick Bell internet, you need to ensure that you have the best router for Bell internet. This is in addition to the other internet devices.

Bell communications make the management of homes easier. When wireless connections are involved, they offer an effective high-performance network. Getting the best from Bell is not easy if you don’t know what to look out for on internet devices.

Bell internet offers different internet packages to suit different users. We have Bell Fibre internet too which makes your home or office a smart hub.

To ensure you get the best from your Bell internet subscription, we tested and reviewed different routers and modem combos. We have thus attempted to make things easier for you.

Our research results today have the best routers that will make Bell’s internet service exceptional. One fantastic thing with such routers is that they ensure that they save on cost and make service delivery effective. Our findings are as the Bell internet routers review below guides.

Best router for Bell Internet

Bell Communications RouterBest forFeaturesCheck on Amazon
NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (RBK852)Best router for Bell internet communications1. Mesh technology
2. Wi-Fi 6 technology
3. 5000 sq. ft coverage
4. Ease of extension
5. 100 devices supported
6. 6Gbps speed
7. Excellent security
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D-Link AC3000 High-Power Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router Best tri-band router for Bell CommunicationsTri-band,
Speed: up to 3000Mbps
Devices: Up to 25,
Smart Connect
Ethernet ports: 4 Gigabit LAN,
With Amazon Alexa Or Google Assistant
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700) Best budget Bell internet routerDual-band,
Speed: Up to 1750Mbps,
Range: 1500 sq. ft.
Devices: 25
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Linksys Wi-Fi Router Dual-Band AC1000 Best WiFi router for Fibe 150Dual-Band,
Speed: Up to 1000Mbps,
Range: 1500 sq. ft.
Devices: 20
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D-Link 8-Port Gigabit N300 VPN Router Best wired router for Bell communicationsWiFi speed: up to 300Mbps,
8-Port Gigabit LAN,
1 Gigabit WAN,
1 Configurable LAN/WAN,
750Mbps Firewall Throughput,
50Mbps VPN throughput
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ASUS Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300 Gigabit Router (RT-ACRH13)Best for Bell Fibe 500WiFi speed: Up to 1300Mbps,
Devices: Up to 25,
Range: Up to 2000 Sq. Ft.,
4-Port Gigabit Ethernet ports,
MU-MIMO and USB 3.0
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Netgear R6120 Router (AC1200)Best router for under $70Dual-band,
Speed: Up to 1200Mbps,
Range: Up to 1200 Sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 20,
4 fast Ethernet ports
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Tenda AC23 Smart Wi-Fi router (AC2100)Best for modest homesDual-band,
Speed: Up to 2033 Mbps,
Range: Up to 1400 sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 35,
4X4 MU-MIMO Technology
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Which are the Bell internet plans?

Bell internet is one of the most popular ISP in Canada. It is known for excellent speeds that come at cost-effective prices. Their internet plans are:

1. Fibe Internet:

This $49.95/month package is recommended for persons who want an internet plan for light internet usage. The plan has the following features:

  • 10 Mbps maximum download speed
  • 0.93 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • 100 GB Monthly usage cap
  • Home Hub 3000 where Wi-Fi is included

2. Fibe 50

For homes with a few devices that are used simultaneously, you can pick Bell internet’s Fibe 50 costing $84.95/month. It has the following features:

  • 50 Mbps maximum download speed
  • 10 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • No data cap (Unlimited Monthly usage)
  • Home Hub 3000 with Wi-Fi included

3. Fibe 150

For $104.95/month, you can pick the Fibe 150 internet package. The package is excellent for homes with multiple devices being used simultaneously for browsing, downloads, and streaming/ gaming. However, it can’t handle multiple HD streaming devices or multiple online gaming devices simultaneously. The following are the features of Fibe 150:

  • 150 Mbps maximum download speed
  • 150 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • No data caps (Unlimited monthly usage)
  • Home Hub 4000 which has Wi-Fi 6 included

4. Fibe 500

For homes with multiple devices including online gaming or HD streaming devices, you can go for Fibe 500. The Bell internet ISP plan goes for $114.95/month. It has the following features:

  • 500 Mbps maximum download speed
  • 500 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • No data caps (Unlimited monthly usage)
  • Home Hub 4000 which has Wi-Fi 6 included

5. Gigabit Fibe

For homes looking for fibre to the home supporting multiple devices simultaneously, you can go for Gigabit Fibe. The $124.95/month package means that there will be no lags even in gaming or streaming with several devices. The following are the Bell Gigabit Fibe internet plan features:

  • 1 Gbps maximum download speed
  • 750 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • No data caps (Unlimited monthly usage)
  • Home Hub 4000 which has Wi-Fi 6 included

6. Gigabit Fibe 1.5

For $134.95/month, you can pick the Gigabit Fibe 1.5 which is excellent for large homes and businesses. The ISP package can handle everything you throw at it. It has the following features:

  • 1.5 Gbps maximum download speed
  • 940 Mbps (gigabit) maximum upload speed
  • No data caps (Unlimited monthly usage)
  • Home Hub 4000 which has Wi-Fi 6 included

Which is the best router for Bell internet?

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (RBK852)

Netgear Orbi AX6000 (RBK852): The best mesh device for most ISPs including Bell Communications

This router makes an ideal choice as it will eliminate all dead zones. It has outstanding performance and covers an extended range. Within a range of 5000 sqft, you will have 60 devices functioning, including doorbells.

The gigabit speeds make the router’s performance excellent. With a power of up to 6Gbps, you will have all your devices delivering reliable and outstanding performance. Any additional satellite will make the router range extend by 2500 square feet.

Connecting your ISPs is another lovely thing with this model. You have a chance to replace your existing router with this model. Choosing the best model will probably make the performance more enhanced.

Moreover, this mesh system has a triband that makes the connection of many devices possible. A backhaul helps significantly in improving the speed of the devices. You, therefore, have your devices functioning the best way possible.

The setup and management process of this router is another lovely thing. Using the Orbi app, you will have an opportunity to implement all the settings. Setting up security settings is also an effortless and reliable task.

It is also loaded with advanced security that is ideal for delivering reliable performance. Combined with the gigabit Ethernet ports, you will have the model delivering outstanding performance. You will also set guest Wi-Fi and child protection measures hence reliable.

What makes Netgear Orbi RBK852 stand out for Bell communications?

The Netgear Orbi RBK852 is an impressively performing router that delivers strong connectivity, but its feature set could use a little work considering the high price.

The best router for Bell Internet features a two-piece system with Wi-Fi 6 mesh technology and Multi-Gig WAN for lag-free streaming in larger homes. Furthermore, it has four LAN ports that can accommodate more devices at one time than you would expect from other routers on this list.

This is due to their spec requirements of 1Gbps bandwidth each way (the maximum supported speed); designed specifically so your network doesn’t slow down when there are dozens if not hundreds connected simultaneously through WiFirouters – excellent performance! The only downside? The price.

Performance on our tests

We love the throughput on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands on the router. It had better throughput as compared to Asus RT-AX88U, TP-Link Deco M9, and Linksys Velop MX10 router at close proximity and even at a distance.

All the other routers for Bell internet reviewed in this article had markedly slower throughput on 2.4GHz and 5GHz as compared to Netgear Orbi RBK852.

However, USB connectivity was not enabled on our review unit; parental control features were also unavailable for testing (but can be purchased separately).

Device prioritization seemed to work as intended when using Netflix but did cause playback issues with YouTube – it’s worth noting how quickly your network traffic increases during video streaming! Linksys Velop MX10 system had better prioritization!

Still overall though I found this router delivered impressive scores in our tests thanks largely because of its easy installation process through the mobile app which makes management simple even if you’re not tech-savvy like myself


  • Easy to extend the connection
  • Delivers an outstanding performance
  • Has an outstanding throughput performance
  • Simple management
  • Multi-Gig WAN port
  • 4 Gigabit LAN ports
  • Excellent security


  • It is pricey


The Netgear Orbi RBK852 router is a two-piece Wi-Fi 6 mesh system that offers incredible performance and solid connection for Bell Internet. But its feature set could have been better considering how expensive it can be.

It features a MultiGig WAN for up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth which makes this router well suited towards homes with multiple internet users or devices wanting fast downloads.

Moreover, it has four LAN ports so you don’t need more than one switch in your home office space (which will increase wiring costs); designed specifically at large houses where coverage might not reach everywhere due to obstacles like walls.

D-Link AC3000 High-Power Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router

D-Link AC3000 Router: The best tri-band router for Bell communications

This Bell Internet router has a design that is outstanding and delivers excellent performance. You will be amazed because it comes from a renowned brand. What will make its use vital for you is to deliver reliable performance over an extended range.

In terms of speed, this model delivers an outstanding outcome. You will use up to 400 Mbps for the 2GHz band and 866+1733 for the 5GHz bands.  An SDRAM of 256MB makes it a better performer compared to the rest of the models.

Extending the connection of this model is relatively easy as it allows you to create a mesh Wi-Fi. The enabled routers and Wi-Fi extenders will quickly work with this model delivering both speed and reliability. Every corner of your home will get entirely covered with high-speed internet.

It works with Alexa voice controls, and the process of configuration is quite simple. Enhanced parental controls also make each task more manageable. You will have a chance to set schedules and profiles to make the management of it more effective.


  • Has a lovely speed and reliability
  • Delivers an outstanding performance
  • Compatible with voice controls
  • 3 Wi-Fi radios for an enhanced performance
  • Reliable for long ranges


  • Slightly pricey

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700)

Netgear R6700 Router AC1750 (best netgear router for most homes)

Before going ver far in the article, we have brought you one of the best routers for Bell internet. The router offers exceptional speeds, connection to multiple devices, whole-home coverage, and excellent security features among other benefits.

This router has a dual-band that is ideal for serving many devices. One thing you will love it for is the combination speeds of 450+1300 Mbps. Devices up to 25 will have a chance to enjoy the connectivity hence an outstanding performance.

Connecting devices using smart technology is ideal. It ensures that you can do various tasks without worrying much. Using the wired Ethernet ports, you will have a rare chance to connect your gaming consoles and computers as it has Ethernet ports.

Advanced technology is also another thing you will have unforgettable moments with. It features the smart connect, dynamic QoS, and beamforming technology that makes the performance better. Amplified antennas are also ideal as they ensure that the coverage is extended.

Security of the Bell Internet router is another thing you will have a great love for. It has smart parental controls and advanced cyber-threat security control. Managing online activities is very easy as the setup process is also straightforward.


  • Has a powerful speed and coverage
  • Comfortable to set and manage
  • It is user friendly
  • Excellent safety
  • Smart parental controls


  • Does not have a triband

Linksys Wi-Fi Router Dual-Band AC1000

Linksys Wi-Fi Router Dual-Band AC1000: Best router for Fibe 150 and Fibe 500

The thing you will enjoy most with this router is the latest Wi-Fi technology. When combined with the 1Gbps speed, you will enjoy fast and reliable speeds over an extended range. The security is also excellent hence reliable for adult and children use.

Having a dual-band is a lovely thing. It works to ensure that there is the simultaneous use of devices and that each device delivers an outstanding performance. Two antennas are ideal as they ensure that the model reaches an extended range and performance.

The setup and installation process of this model is excellent. It takes a shorter time to use the browser-based setting or CD to implement the settings. Within a short time, you will have the model working and delivering reliable performance.

Advanced security is also something that will make you proud. WPA2 encryption and the firewall deliver reliable performance. Part of the model’s security is that it allows you to set parental controls and guest access.


  • Delivers excellent range and speed
  • Excellent security
  • Simple set up and management
  • Has a dual-band that enhances device prioritization
  • Gigabit speeds


  • Has a dual-band as opposed to tri-band

D-Link 8-Port Gigabit N300 VPN Router

D-Link 8-Port Gigabit N300 VPN Router: Best wired router for Bell internet communication

Having this router is excellent as it has a configurable LAN and WAN. It is a VPN router that is good at delivering high-speed and stable connections. More safety gets enhanced because of the firewall. You are, therefore, relatively safe.

The presence of 7 configurable ports makes the model’s performance reliable. You will, therefore have a chance to connect your preferred devices. You will have this router serving multiple functions hence delivering outstanding performance.

The output of the router is lovely as it ensures that you have 750Mbps from the firewall. All through the performance, it will deliver 50Mbps on the VPN. Over 20000 concurrent sessions will comfortably run through the connection effortlessly.

Moreover, the router has a great speed that allows it to accommodate 200 sessions in a single second. It features the MIMO technology that tends to make it reliable. In terms of security, it is also lovely as it has a filter intrusion that is ideal for devices’ safety.


  • Has an outstanding performance
  • Supports many devices
  • Excellent security
  • User friendly
  • Has an adapter like design


  • The many devices connected may be unreliable

ASUS Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300 Gigabit Router (RT-ACRH13)

ASUS Dual-Band 2x2 AC1300 Gigabit Router (RT-ACRH13)

This model has a dual-band that makes many of your devices perform excellently. With combined speeds of 1267Mbps, it will deliver reliable performance to all your devices. Combined with the MIMO technology, you will have the model delivering the best performance ever.

The presence of the 5dBi antennas is excellent as it ensures you have broader coverage.  It also has the latest Wi-Fi technology that is ideal for a remarkable outcome. One thing you will enjoy most is the multi-range performance that makes all devices reachable.

Managing and monitoring the progress of the router is an effortless task.  An Asus router app tends to make everything simple to do. You will appreciate the ability to implement parental controls and do simple tasks to manage the model.

The process of setting the router up is effortless and straightforward. You will choose to use the web technology or the app to implement the setup process. The wireless mode is ideal for the outstanding performance of your router.


  • Reliable and fast connection
  • Simple setup and management
  • Quick performance
  • Has multiple operation modes
  • Wider coverage


  • May have compatibility issues

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router Dual Band Wireless (R6120-100CNS)

Netgear R6120: Best budget router for Bell internet

Netgear brands are known for having outstanding performance. It has a compact design yet delivers reliable speeds and range. It has a combination of 300+900 Mbps which are ideal for fast performances.

The network’s stability is lovely as it covers a broader range and serves over 20 devices, including your bell. You will have an opportunity to stream content, game, and surf without lags. Elimination of the dead zones is also excellent with this model.

Having wired Ethernet ports is also a lovely thing. Connecting your gaming machines and computers is, therefore, an excellent thing. Amazingly, once connected, you will have the most stable connection for an extended range.

The safety and security of the router are also excellent. You will enjoy the presence of the nighthawk app that allows you to implement parental controls. Something you will also love is the security that gets guaranteed by the DoS, Firewall, and VPN.


  • Has a reliable and outstanding performance
  • Simple set up and management
  • Excellent security
  • Smart parental controls
  • Has a friendly price


  • The speeds are lower compared to other routers

Tenda AC2100 Smart WiFi Router AC19

Tenda AC23 Smart Wi-Fi router (AC2100)

This router has a lovely design that gets further enhanced by its performance. Using it, therefore, assures you that it will deliver outstanding performance. It comes packed with features that make its performance reliable and outstanding.

You will enjoy speeds of up to 2033 Mbps and supports the latest Wi-Fi technology. It has a dual-band that makes it quite reliable for many devices. Gigabit fibre speeds are also ideal as they ensure that you have many devices connected and performing to the maximum.

Connection to devices is also something you will love. A maximum of 40 devices despite their performance get connected and deliver outstanding performance. You will have a chance to do gaming, streaming, and surf without any worries.

The model has a broader coverage and has a USB port for sharing content.  You, therefore, have a chance to do various tasks using the router. A signal amplifier comes built-in the router that makes it ideal for a reliable and excellent performance.


  • Delivers an outstanding performance
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient for families
  • Has voice controls
  • Excellent signal booster


  • Needs frequent speed boosts

Choosing the best router for Bell internet

Getting a good router for Bell internet is an effortless task. You only need to have mastered a few considerations, and you will get the best. The incredible thing is to get a high-quality router. Below are the key points you should assess.


The router you choose should be compatible. It should work with the Bell internet modem, Wi-Fi extenders, and many other functions including Bell communications. A compatible router will make it quite simple to extend the connection and deliver a special connection.

You should get a router that will work with all devices at home. This means it should have both an exceptional WiFi connection and Ethernet ports preferably Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Thus, the router should either have 802.11ax or 802.11ac WiFi standards to ensure all devices are compatible. The 802.11ax is the current WiFi standard and is referred to as the WiFi 6 standard.

Ease of set up

A good router should be very simple to set up and manage. You should find it lovelier to connect the router to serve many functions, both with wired and wireless devices. An ideal router should make it quite simple to implement specific safety measures.

The connection and configuration for most routers are done using either the web user interface or an app. For the best connection, pick a router with both an intuitive app and a functional web user interface.

Range (Area of coverage)

As you are choosing the router, you should ensure that it can cover your whole home with high-speed internet. This thus means getting a router with a larger coverage as compared with your home’s surface area.

It is important to note that mesh systems offer a seamless connection while also covering larger spaces easily. The seamless connection means that you don’t have to change the login details every time you move from one node to another.

Mesh systems and some powerful traditional routers can also penetrate walls. Thus, if you have a big house you can consider getting either.

WiFi speed

Bell internet is known for offering excellent speeds on their ISP plans. The Bell internet speeds can be throttled if you do not get a router that can serve your home well.

Thus, you need to ensure that you pick a router that can support the ISP tier speeds easily while also giving you excellent quality signals in addition to the other features.

To support these speeds, your router should be either using Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ac specifications, should have a great processor, have some powerful antennas, and have speed amplifying technology such as QoS.

Connecting to multiple devices

Our homes are becoming smarter as the days progress. You will find that most homes have more than 10 smart devices these days.

The devices include smartphones, tablets, printers, tablets, laptops, computers, smart televisions, gaming consoles, streaming devices, smart lights, smart door locks, smart security systems, smart thermostats, and other devices.

Therefore, you need to get a router that can support all these devices simultaneously. The router should not also have frequent internet drops since some devices such as smart security systems, streaming devices, and gaming devices require excellent connections.


Many routers can work for bell communications. They vary with features that determine their prices. An ideal router should deliver outstanding performance and have the best quality. Meeting your budget should also match quality.

It should be important to know that often an increase in price means more features and better quality. However, there are several exceptional routers that do not cost an arm and a leg.

An excellent router should be able to cover your whole home with high-speed internet at a price you can afford. Moreover, it should be able to relieve you of the monthly subscription fees when you make the maths.


An ideal router should deliver outstanding performance. You should find it lovelier to implement a few measures without interfering with its performance.

The materials it is made of and the aesthetics should be good for your home. Combining this with your high performance makes the router worthwhile.

The quality also determines how long the router will last. This is important to ensure you don’t keep on spending money on a device that will not serve you optimally.

Extra features

Some features make each router deliver outstanding performance. Getting a model that has packed technologies and other performance features is a lovely thing. You should focus on the features that will make your router’s performance enhanced.

The features include technologies such as QoS, MU-MIMO, Beamforming, powerful antennas, and others. All these features ensure your devices get the best signal connection and excellent WiFi speed as per the requirements of each device.

Voice controls

We all need the best device for our homes. Getting a router with Alexa voice control or Google assistant will help in making life better.

Voice assistants can ease the life of people. A small device can tackle some minor tasks so that you will be required to give an order. For instance, you can ask a voice assistant to play your favorite playlist, set the alarm, tell a weather forecast, or find some information on the Internet.

For instance, being a student, you can ask your assistant, “Can I pay someone to do my homework?” It will surf your search request on the Internet and tell you about the most relevant results or provide an answer within a few seconds. Also, you can set different actions that an assistant will make upon a request.

Final verdict

Getting the best router for Bell internet is a straightforward task once you have a guide to lead you. Our routers today deliver an excellent service, therefore suitable to acquire. Getting an ideal router is an effortless task.

There are a number of ways you can improve your Internet speed. The first step would be to restart the device and then move closer to the Bell internet router or remove other electromagnetic items from the Wi-Fi range.

Bell Internet routers FAQs

Can I use my own router with Bell Fibe?

Yes, you can use your own router with Bell Fibe. Set up your router to do PPPoE, input the username and password. Then connect it all together with one connection going into an outlet on the Home Hub 3000 (you can find out which port that is by looking at their internet & wifi settings), while another end goes into either Ethernet or Wi-Fi depending on what kind of device you have connected directly into these ports. Once everything’s been set up correctly follow these steps: turn off Wifi in order for things to go smoothly afterward. This will prevent interference issues as well if there were other networks broadcasting nearby already but now they should work just fine without any problems!

How can I make my Bell Fibe Internet faster?

There are a number of things you can do to improve your Internet speed, but if none have worked or aren’t an option because they’re too inconvenient then it may be time to get new internet service providers. Restart any equipment that is connected wirelessly (like devices). Move the devices closer to the router; this means moving from one room/hallway into another nearby space with fewer walls and ceilings for wireless signals barrier. Moreover, you can get a better router or WiFi extender. Finally, update your router’s firmware or reset the router.

How do I change my bell router to 5GHz?

The best way to change your router from 2.4GHz to 5GHZ is by using the Bell Home Hub Web Interface – this will allow you access to Management, AP Settings, and Wireless networks on both bands without having conflicts in signal strength or coverage area like before when all devices were set up only through one network card pin number (SSID).
Select Manage My WiFi Uncheck “Keep a common network name (SSID) and password for both 2.4GHz band”. Then edit the name of the band so it differs from the previous setting after selecting 5Ghz.

Do I get a single-band, dual-band, or tri-band router for Bell internet?

For the best internet connection at home or office, we recommend getting a dual-band router as the bare minimum. This will enable you to enjoy fast speeds at the short-range provided by the 5GHz band and the long-range 2.4GHz band. The 2.4GHz frequency band also offers compatibility with older devices but is easily interfered with by electromagnetic devices.