Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers in 2023

We all want a good deal. The best cheap Bluetooth speakers can ensure you get a good deal for you to listen to music at home or when outdoors.

When shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, the price is always one of the main concerns that we have. Do I sacrifice a little bit more to get a better speaker or do I go for the most affordable speaker?

What is important is for you to know the purpose of the Bluetooth speaker. Some factors help to determine the speaker you will pick.

For example, the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker has to be loud, with a lot of bass, and with an Aux port for a mic among other factors. These speakers should also be able to withstand harsh climatic conditions including rain and dust.

In this article, we will give a brief of the best cheap speakers under $20, $30, $50, $100, and $200. You can also check the comprehensive reviews of these speaker categories as follows:

The best cheap Bluetooth speakers in 2020

Best speakers selling for less than $20 top picks

There are several things to consider when looking for the best cheap Bluetooth speaker that sells for less than $20. These speakers may not have the performance of a premium speaker but they assure you that you can listen to music and other audio content.

The following are our top picks for Bluetooth speakers under $20:

A2 LENRUE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Lenrue A2 Bluetooth Speaker-mini: The best Bluetooth speaker under 200 Dollars

This portable Bluetooth speaker is a choice for many people. It is affordable, compact, and produces a great quality sound even for its low price.

This speaker can produce a good sound even at a high volume thus assuring you that it will meet your expectations.

As compared to bigger speakers, Lenrue A2 is good for smaller spaces. It may not give you the desired performance for outdoor activity. However, because the speaker features Bluetooth 4.1 technology, it has a range of 33 feet. This enables you to use the device containing the music without the worry about the range.

It is also packed with a 1000 mAh battery to ensure that you can have a 5 to 6 hours playback time.

Furthermore, the Lenrue A2 offers multiple connectivity options. The speaker can be connected via Bluetooth, Aux Cable, or TF card.

Finally, the speaker is waterproof. This gives you the option of using it by the pool or in your shower. Therefore, this speaker is the best cheapest Bluetooth speaker.

  • This speaker is compact thus portable
  • It is easy to operate
  • Due to the design, it is very durable
  • It has multiple connectivity options
  • The sound quality at high volume is not the best
  • It can drop the connections

XLEADER SoundAngel Bluetooth Speaker

XLEADER SoundAngel Bluetooth Speaker: The best budget speaker under $20

What a marvel for less than $20. The XLEADER SoundAngel Bluetooth Speaker gives you smart touch technology in addition to its portability and good battery power.

The speaker comes in different colors to ensure that you have a choice that suits your home or travel pack. Combining the colors, a compact design, and high-performance enables you to get the best speaker.

The speaker is easy to operate. Using the touch-sensitive buttons, you can easily switch between songs and also perform other operations. Therefore, you can adjust the volume on the speaker thus you don’t need to touch the phone.

The Li-battery, 1000 mAh in size, enables you to have a playtime of up to 12 hours. However, the playback time will reduce when the speaker is used at a high volume.

  • The speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • It has a 12 hour playback time
  • The speaker has a 3D digital audio processor and subwoofer resonator
  • It is easy to operate using the smart touch technology
  • The eco dot design makes this speaker physically appealing
  • The speaker at the bottom makes the sound to be muffled
  • It has some reliability concerns after some time

SoundBot SB510 HD Bluetooth speaker

SoundBot SB510 HD Bluetooth speaker: one of the best budget Bluetooth speakers under $20

When looking for one of the best budget speakers under $20, the SoundBot SB510 HD Bluetooth speaker comes to mind. The speaker has a good sound, is waterproof, and is portable. This speaker also has 6 hours of playtime giving you a good time outdoors or when there is no power.

The speaker also has intuitive built-in mic and control buttons. The Bluetooth support enables you to connect to your devices even when 33 feet away from the speaker.

Even though it is a speaker under $20, it is loaded with the current technologies which enable you to get a high-definition music experience.

The SoundBot SB510 HD Bluetooth speaker is waterproof. This way you can use the speaker in an outdoor space or in places where splash is possible. Therefore, you can use it in the shower, at the beach, by the pool, and in other wet places.

  • The speaker is waterproof thus can be used in various places
  • It has a good sound
  • It is portable
  • The speaker has a 6 hours playback time
  • It comes in different colors to suit your taste

The battery life is shorter than in most speakers

You can also check the other high-performance speakers under $20 here.

The Bluetooth budget speakers selling for less than $30 top picks

For those of us looking for the best cheap Bluetooth speakers, getting an excellent one at $30 or less is the stuff of dreams. There are several great speakers under $30 which enable you to enjoy music indoors or outdoors.

Their performance may not be as good as the speakers costing hundreds of Dollars but they give you value for your money. This is because most of them have a good battery, great sound, multiple connection options and some are waterproof. There are other features to consider in these Bluetooth speakers too.

Let’s have a look at the top picks for the best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $30.

XLEADER SoundAngel (2 Gen) Bluetooth Speaker

XLEADER SoundAngel (2 Gen) Bluetooth Speaker: The best cheap Bluetooth speaker under $30

When looking for a low-budget, compact, well-designed, waterproof, and high-performance speaker for your home, then Xleader SoundAngel should be one of your main considerations. The speaker also is a good beach speaker.

The hockey-puck shape makes it to be aesthetically appealing. The speaker also comes in other colors which make it a great addition to your home, luggage, or outdoor areas.

The speaker has a 3D audio processor thus making it a high-performance speaker since it is added to the 40mm driver. With these technologically advanced features, the speaker produces a great sound even at a low budget of less than $30.

The speaker additionally, has an average bass. This complements the crisp louder audio to give you a balanced sound. Since the speaker is located at the bottom, the sound is not muffled because it has to bounce off on the surface you have placed it.

The speaker is a high performer at low or mid volumes. At high volume, the speaker may not perform to your expectations.

Xleader SoundAngel is compatible with all Bluetooth devices including the Bluetooth 5.0 devices. This makes it a great speaker for use in your home or with friends at the pool or outdoors.

This speaker is powered by a lithium-polymer battery which gives it exceptional battery life. The speaker has a playback time of up to 15 hours. Thus you can conduct all your outdoor activities without the worry of where you will charge the speaker.

To conserve the battery, the speaker automatically switches itself off after 15 minutes when not in use. This way the speaker is a worthy addition if you are looking for one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $30.

  • The speaker has an excellent battery life
  • It has a great sound
  • It comes in different colors and has a beautiful design
  • The speaker is waterproof thus can be used outdoors
  • It comes with EVA Waterproof Case
  • Digital audio processor
  • Having the speaker at the bottom may block the sound when placed in some surfaces
  • The speaker may experience lags when being used

AYL SoundFit Bluetooth Speaker

AYL Bluetooth Speaker: one of the best cheap speakers under 30 dollars

The AYL Soundfit Speaker is a portable speaker that features highly in our top picks for the best cheap Bluetooth speakers. This is because the design is exceptional, the sound is good, it is waterproof, shockproof, and also comes in different colors.

The speaker has an amazing quality of sound. The sound produced gives neat. clear frequencies when music is played because it has great highs ad lows plus the bass is quite powerful.

The speaker offers up to 33 feet of Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth 5.0) and also connectivity via an aux cable. Aux connectivity ensures you can listen to music for longer even when the battery is low. The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to pick calls also.

The Bluetooth speaker has a small LED light to indicate when different features are in use. It turns orange when charging, green when connected to an audio device via aux cable, blue when it’s ready to be paired, and solid blue when connected to a device via Bluetooth.

The AYL SoundFit speaker is IPX6 waterproof rated. This makes it a great speaker for you in almost every environment without the worry of the speaker getting wet. However, do not submerge the speaker in water.

The speaker in addition to being waterproof is made of durable shockproof plastic. These features make this speaker be very durable and can be used in every fun activity you engage in.

Finally, the battery can last up to 12 hours of playback time when music is played up to 80% volume. This means you do not need to worry about charging it often.

  • The speaker has Bluetooth and aux cable connectivity options
  • It has a long lasting battery
  • It is waterproof and shock proof
  • This speaker has a great sound and powerful bass
  • The speaker may cut off some syllables when listening to an audio
  • The volume button gets sunken in some speakers making it hard to increase or reduce the volume

SANAG Portable Bluetooth Speaker

SANAG Portable Bluetooth Speaker: one of the best cheap speakers under $30

SANAG Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a speaker with a modern design that gives you an excellent performance. The speaker is very durable owing to the manufacture using rubber and fabric.

On sound performance, Sanag speaker offers 360 HD sounds. The sound is supported by a rich bass, large volume without voice break and the speaker is a 5W dependable speaker quality. The speaker, therefore, covers the frequency range quite well.

What makes the speaker attractive is that even if it is a cheap speaker, it has a great sound. The sound is excellent even at maximum volume. The speaker is loud enough even at 80% volume levels.

The speaker is crisp at mid-range volume and also does not fog the audio. It is pretty clear at high range by having the speaker free from extra treble or sound cracking. the low range is very clear and does not have vibrations.

The speaker has a small LED light to indicate the charging progress. It turns red when the speaker is charging and blue when it is fully charged.

The Sanag speaker has a great battery that gives you a long playback time. This is accompanied by the speaker being splash-proof. The speaker has a special covering at the charging port to ensure it does not get damaged by water.

The only drawback of this device is that it can not be connected using an aux cable. This leaves Bluetooth as the only connection mode.

  • The speaker offers good performance at all frequencies
  • It is waterproof
  • The speaker gives you a 360 HD sound
  • It has a short rubber strap to hand it wherever you go
  • The speaker is very durable
  • The speaker is portable
  • Connectivity is via Bluetooth only

Best cheap Bluetooth speakers selling for less than $50

For a budget of up to 50 Dollars, you can get a speaker that will make your life so much better. These speakers give you a performance and have additional features to ensure that they perform both indoors and outdoors.

For the roundup of the most exceptional Bluetooth speakers under 50, you can go to the article below.

We will review 3 of the best to ensure you get a speaker that will perform for you and your needs.

Jbl Go 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Jbl Go 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: The best cheap Bluetooth speaker under $50

This is one of the best speakers for under $50 because of its performance, portability, and waterproofing. The speaker fits in your palm thus meaning you can take it wherever you go.

The speaker has a great sound and gives you a good experience since it has a superb bass. This makes it a great addition to your indoor or outdoor activities.

JBL GO 2 gives you connection options of using an aux cable in addition to the Bluetooth. This way you can connect when far from the speaker via Bluetooth and also connect when the speaker has a little power left via aux cable. The aux cable also helps to connect to devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

The speaker has an exceptional design. JBL Go 2 is made to perform in addition to being waterproof. These features enable you to carry the device outdoors even to pool, beaches, and outdoor parties.

The speaker in addition has up to 5 hours of playback time. The speaker may not have the best playback time but it is good for most outdoor activities.

  • The JBL Go 2 has a great audio output
  • It is easy to carry everywhere and is compact
  • It gives you an aux cable connectivity in addition to Bluetooth connectivity
  • The speaker is waterproof
  • It is easy to pair and you can use the Speaker to control the phone
  • The speaker does not have a deep bass
  • The sound is distorted when the speaker is playing at a high volume

Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker: The best cheap Bluetooth speaker under $50

The search for the best cheap speaker under $50 is definitely over when you see the Sony SRS XB12 speaker. The speaker is portable, has exceptional features like good playback time, good quality sound, and waterproof technology.

You can show off the speaker to your friends and family since it is aesthetically beautiful. Furthermore, the speaker is easy to carry. For portability, the speaker has a strap at the bottom.

On the sound performance, the speaker has an extra bass mode in addition to the crisp sound. Thus you can enjoy your music at any volume without altering the sound quality.

Sony SRS XB12 has up to 16 hours of playback time. With that great battery life, you can enjoy your outdoor life since the speaker does not require frequent charging.

This speaker is also waterproof and dust-proof. You can use it outdoors and at the beach/ poolside without any worry.

The only disadvantage with this speaker is that you can only control the EQ settings on your music player and not on the speaker. Other than this, the Sony SRS XB12 is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $50.

  • Sony SRS XB12 has Electronic dance music (EDM)
  • It is both waterproof and dust-proof
  • The quality of sound is great since it also comes with extra bass mode
  • It is very portable since it has a detachable strap
  • It has a long playback time
  • The speaker does not give you EQ control features

Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker

Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker: One of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers

The Anker brand produces some of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers in the market today. The brand has some of the best speakers for every budget price.

The speaker has a great sound supported by the 360-degree audio output. The speaker has a great unique design for a budget speaker.

For the unique design, the Anker Soundcore is a bottom-mounted halo. The halo contains a LED light for an exquisite appearance. To top it up the light glows and dims as per the rhythm of the music.

The speaker is also rated IPX7 waterproof. This speaker can be used outdoors or in the shower without worrying about it becoming wet.

What’s more? You can pair two or more flare speakers for wider coverage and also get stereo output.

Moreover, the speaker has a 12 hours playback time. This battery life enables you to enjoy the music outdoors without looking for charging ports.

The speaker, however. does not have a headphone jack connection port. Therefore, the speaker may not give you some connection when the battery is low.

  • The speaker has a 360 degree sound and an excellent speaker output
  • It has Neodymium drivers
  • The speaker has enhanced bass powered by Bass-up technology
  • It is waterproof (IPX7)
  • The battery life is pretty long
  • This speaker has LED light to complement the music performance
  • The speaker does not have a headphone jack
  • The speaker has some reliability concerns

Finest Bluetooth speakers selling for less than $100

The budget speakers get finer as the price increases. The best speakers selling for less than $100 give you a performance that leaves your home or outdoor event rocking.

There are a few considerations that you can apply as you are choosing the best speaker for your needs. The best speakers under 100 dollars will ensure you enjoy your life.

Bluetooth speaker going for less than $200 reviews

There are several options when you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker going for less than two hundred dollars. The choice makes it easy for you to choose the speaker that will work for your needs.

These speakers will always give you a great sound, excellent performance in addition to other features.

You can have a check at our best cheap speakers that go for less than $200 below.


As you get the best cheap Bluetooth speaker, there are a few factors to consider. This ensures that you get the best speaker no matter the price.

All the speakers reviewed in this article will give you great performance. You may need to compare a few to get the best one for your needs.