How to Amplify Optimum WiFi Signal: Boosting Optimum WiFi

We all get grumpy when we get no WiFi signal or slow internet connection especially when we have some activity to carry out. When my Optimum internet is slow or down, I feel incapacitated. However, there are ways to amplify the Optimum WiFi signal for the best coverage and speed.

Slow internet should be declared as one of the ways to die slowly.

Most of us currently can not function properly without the internet. We have gaming, streaming, watching football, transacting online, and zoom meetings among others that keep us online all the time.

Thus, our work and entertainment currently are centered on the internet.

Therefore, how do we get the best from the internet from our Altice gateway? You may have the Optimum 1 Gig internet but still, have a poor connection in some rooms or outside. Thus we need to use the following guide to amplify the Optimum WiFi signal coverage and speed.

How to Amplify Optimum WiFi Signal

There are several ways for boosting the Optimum internet speed. The main ways will work for all Optimum internet plans including Optimum 1 gig. Therefore, you can follow the following steps to boost my Optimum WiFi signal:

1. Reboot your router and modem

Whether you are using an Altice gateway or a separate Optimum modem and router, one of the easiest ways of solving connection challenges is rebooting the devices.

Rebooting the Optimum modem/ router enables the device to cool off. This relieves the heat stress that can take its toll on a router or modem.

By the way, heat stress is one of the main reasons why routers go bad. Moreover, you can ensure that the router is well aerated to ensure there is no heat stress.

2. Ensure optimal Optimum router positioning

When you position the router well, You are assured that the router will send its signals to all the corners of your home. This is important to eliminate dead zones and amplify the Optimum WiFi signal.

The correct position is in a central place that is not surrounded by thick walls, metallic objects, or water bodies. Moreover, there should be no interfering devices.

The central positioning enables the signals to move in all directions and reach every corner of your household.

3. Get a better router or powerful antennas

The hardware used in internet connection matters when it comes to signal strength and WIFI speed. Thus, you need a good Optimum router to amplify the WiFi signal.

The best Optimum router should be at least a dual-band router to ensure you enjoy the fast speeds from the 5GHz band and the long range from the 2.4GHz band.

You can also pick a tri-band router. Or even better, you can get mesh WiFi systems.

Moreover, you can ensure that the router has powerful antennas which can cover your whole home with WiFi.

If not, you can get high-performance antennas to amplify the Optimum WiFi signal in your home or office.

4. Get an Optimum WiFi extender or Powerline adapter

TP-Link AC2600 WiFi extender: Best for long range coverage and amplifying Optimum WiFi signal

Choosing a good Optimum WiFi extender goes a long way in amplifying the Optimum WiFi signal. If you have a good electrical circuit, you can go for a Powerline adapter.

The WiFi boosters extend the WiFi signal thus eliminating dead zones and areas of poor WiFi signal.

The devices thus will enable you to enjoy fast internet in areas far from the router or where there are hindrances to a good Optimum internet signal.

5. Limit the number of devices using the internet simultaneously

This is an important way to improve the Optimum WiFi signal and speed. Having several devices require either a faster internet plan or using them at different times.

You can disconnect devices that are not in use and also eliminate network parasites. Reducing the devices enables you to focus the available internet on the devices you want to work with.

Moreover, you should ensure that you have a strong password to ensure there are no intruders in your network.

6. Get a better Optimum plan

Your internet connection may be poor because you have a plan that is not optimal for your usage. You can escape this predicament by upgrading your Optimum internet plan.

Optimum has several plans suited for different types of households. You need to ensure that you pick the plan that can serve all your devices well.

Moreover, you need to explore the kind of internet usage that takes place in your home. Armed with this knowledge, you can get the best plan for your home or business.

Why is my Optimum internet slow?

We all know how frustrating it can be when the Optimum service (WiFi) is not working.

There are numerous reasons for this, and thus require a one-by-one analysis of the causes of the Optimum internet being down.

1. Your internet plan is slow for your needs

In the world of Optimum internet, there are a lot of options to choose from. Some will give you low-end connections for downloading and others might provide higher speeds capable enough to stream HD videos or download heavy files with ease without any lag time in between!

But what if your needs exceed these limits? If gaming is one thing that consumes most (if not all) of our daily lives then we need something better than just an average speed. You can do this while accessing social media accounts at once.

Thus for this, you require gigabit level performance. This is because the main reason is poor WiFi signals and too many users connected at once.

2. Network peak hours congestion

The same way having so many devices connected to your home network affects the internet speed, so does having so many users using the ISP connection simultaneously. When all of us get home from work, we all go to the internet.

Some of the members are streaming, others are downloading content, others are gaming, and others are on zoom among other uses. This creates an overload on the usage at the ISP level.

In this case, you can shift your downloads to non-peak hours. You can also decide to use the internet for other heavy activities at different times.

If however, the congestion is too much, you can make a complaint to Optimum. They will either increase the bandwidth or move some clients from your connection line.

3. Your connection has damaged or poor quality cables

When you have a great connection from the ISP and you still are having a poor Optimum internet connection, then it’s time to consider internal devices and cables.

The first stop is at the cables connecting your router to the modem or your devices to the router. Moreover, you may have a damaged coaxial cable from the ISP connection line. Thus, it is good to check if there is any damage to these cables.

Some of the damages may be visible while others are not. Thus you need to test some of the cables to ensure they are not loose or damaged.

Some of the areas to check are the edges- they should be intact with no fraying or cuts in them. Moreover, the cables cover should be intact. You can make a test using a cable tester.

4. Multiple simultaneous devices on your network

One of the main reasons for a slow internet connection is having multiple devices. You may need to check this if you are to amplify the Optimum internet connection WiFi signal.

You may have multiple devices in your household or maybe have network sponges/ parasites connected to your WiFi. Imagine having someone gaming on your connection!

To diagnose this, you need to closely monitor the devices using your internet. This can be through the web user interface or app. You can also switch off all the devices and then check if there is still someone using your internet.

5. Malware/ viruses infection on your router/ devices

Having an infected router or other devices can be the cause of poor Optimum internet connection. This is because malware can consume all the bandwidth in your network as they scan for vulnerabilities in your internet connection.

Once they find a vulnerability, they may also consume all the bandwidth as they transmit the information to the third party.

Therefore, it is good to either have a router with excellent anti-virus protection or scan the connection often and use anti-virus software to remove the malware.

Moreover, you should set a strong password to your router and device connections to reduce infection by malware and hackers.

6. Router positioning is poor or having an outdated router

If you do not position your router well, some areas of your home will have poor internet connections. This becomes a major issue if your main devices have a poor connection.

Moreover, your router may be going bad or is poor for the Optimum internet speed plan. You may not need an upgrade or new software to fix your problem (though that would help).

If nothing else does then try restarting your router/modem or Altice gateway. Moreover, check for devices that tend to give off some electromagnetic waves themselves which could cause interference with other electronics nearby like phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth gadgets, or TVs.

Thus make sure you position your router centrally, in a place not surrounded by walls. It should also be far from metallic objects, water bodies, and devices that interfere with WiFi.

7. There are ISP connection outages: is Optimum down?

The other obvious cause of poor Optimum internet WiFi at home is the ISP internet outages. This can easily be diagnosed by checking the Optimum social media accounts, calling customer care, or through the Optimum internet user’s page.

If there is an Optimum internet outage, Optimum always notifies the users of a challenge with the connection. We have an Optimum internet outage map available every day.

In case you have an Optimum internet outage, you can notify customer care or wait for the company to respond. This is because they get several complaints from the customers in case of an outage.


When it comes to your internet, you should never trust just any old provider. Optimum is different because they offer low-end to high-end connections with speeds that will meet the needs of gamers and streamers alike!

Like other ISPs, you can get an Optimum service outage. Or you can have internal causes of poor WiFi signal.

What’s up, Optimum internet? You’re so slow sometimes! It can be frustrating when you want to do something but it just takes too long. There are a few reasons why Optimum services may be sub-optimal. What might happen is getting a low wi-fi signal or outdated software–the most common being that causes sluggishness for many people including myself on peak hours (like 6-9 pm).

Amplifying Optimum WiFi signal FAQs

Why is optimum WiFi so slow?

There are many reasons why your Optimum WiFi is slow. The main reason for it is poor cable connections. This means that your cable connections are loose or the cables are damaged. The other reason is router malfunction or overheating. Moreover, you may be having poor equipment such as routers, modems, and WiFi boosters. Moreover, the router may not be well-positioned or you have interference from devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth devices among others. You also may be experiencing an Optimum internet outage.

What is the highest internet speed offered by optimum?

Optimum has the Optimum 1 Gig plan that offers speeds up to a gigabit. The plan gives you a wired connection speed of up to 940 Mbps downloads and 940 Mbps uploads on fiber. If you get that cable gig plan you get 940 Mbps down/35 Mbps up. The plan goes for 79.99 per month.

Is Altice WiFi the same as optimum?

Yes, Altice rebranded all the internet provision plans to Optimum. Thus all the wireless service in the company is consolidated under the Optimum name.

Does WiFi booster increase speed?

Yes, a WiFi booster will increase internet speed in areas with a poor internet connection or dead zones in your home or office. This means the devices far from the router also enjoy excellent speeds when connected to the WiFi extender. However, it should be noted that it does not increase the speed beyond what is provided by the router/ ISP.

Is Optimum a good internet provider?

Yes, Optimum is an excellent service provider for most families having an average internet consumption. It has excellent internet plans suited for all homes. Moreover, their prices are better as compared to most ISPs including Verizon and Xfinity.

Does a WiFi extender amplify the Optimum WiFi signal?

Absolutely, a WiFi extender does best in boosting your Optimum WiFi signal. It will enable you to eliminate dead zones in your home or increase internet speed/ signal in areas of poor WiFi coverage. A WiFi extender picks the signals from the router and broadcasts them to areas that do not have WiFi coverage.

How do I kick someone off my Optimum WiFi?

The easiest way to kick someone off your Optimum WiFi is to change the WiFi password. The challenge is that this will disconnect all devices from your router connection including your own devices. Thus you will be required to log in to all the devices you want in your network.

How to Amplify WiFi Signal